Alaska Dispatch’s Craig Medred Creates Alternate Reality (Again) in Latest Palin Rant

We’ve been through the rounds with Craig Medred before. His “Greatest Hits” commentary for leftwing Alaska Dispatch includes accusing Governor Palin of being a fiscal liberal, necessitating a C4P smackdown.

He’s back with more Palin misinformation. This time, in a too-clever-by-half column, he rips Governor Palin’s recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, and tries to sell the ridiculous story that the Alaska media followed an unofficial policy of not quoting Palin while she was governor.

And why would that be?

According to Mr. Medred, it’s because the Alaska media revered Sarah Palin so much from the heroic way she stood up to corruption that they didn’t want to reveal her for the intellectual midget he claims everyone knew she was. Yeah, you can’t make this stuff up.

When Palin ran for governor, the rule at the Anchorage Daily News was pretty much that she was not to be quoted. Not because anyone there disliked her. Just the opposite in fact. The state’s largest newspaper repeatedly and regularly referred to the early Palin as the “Joan of Arc” of Alaska politics.
“Gov. Sarah Palin has been front and center on clean and open government, and these days that gives her the aura of Joan of Arc,” and “Compared to the Legislature, Gov. Palin looks like Joan of Arc, with a better smile and personality.”
The Daily News, it is fair to say, generally liked Palin in those early, heady years when she was something of an anti-Big Oil whistle-blower in favor of transparent government.

And thus she was seldom quoted because, well, because much of what she says when quoted makes no sense.

At least he’s admitting that she took on Exxon. But the way he tells it they must have had to hire a translator who spoke Palinese while she brought them to their knees.

Seldom quoted?

A simple search on the ADN website reveals hundreds of articles and interviews published about Governor Palin between her upstart run for governor in 2006 until she appeared on the national ticket with John McCain in August 2008.

Including this video about oil resource development and state self-sufficiency: Anchorage Daily News Interviews Sarah Palin September 2007.

Kinda funny that the ADN would risk putting an unvarnished video interview of St. Sarah on its website if she “makes no sense”, right? There are dozens more videos of Palin giving statements or being interviewed by the Anchorage Daily News. As the youngest and first female governor of the energy-rich state, Palin also attracted notice of the national media and business journalists who apparently didn’t get the memo that she “makes no sense”. She was interviewed and quoted here, here, here, here, and here.

Moreover, Alaskans had a chance to determine whether Sarah Palin “made sense” during an uprecedented series of more than 30 gubernatorial debates in the summer and fall of 2006. To get a sense of what they heard in those debates, here is a compilation of some of her most effective moments in a video titled “Palin: A Better Debater Than You Think,” produced by the Huffington Post of all places.

Palin also made quite a bit of sense in her VP debate with Joe Biden, so much so that Palin-critic Peggy Noonan of all people stated, “Palin killed. It was her evening. She was a star. She had Joe Biden at ‘Nice to meet you. Hey, can I call you, Joe?’ … Fifteen minutes in she had Biden on the defensive on the subject of Obama and taxes. She told him his Iraq plan was a white flag of surrender. She killed.”

But people like Noonan aren’t the final word, are they? I thought it was rather telling the quotes an Anchorage Daily News reporter included in a round-up story the day after Palin’s stunning eight-point upset in the three-way race for governor:

“It’s everyday Alaskans who have been empowered by Sarah Palin,” said former state lawmaker John Binkley of Fairbanks, who supported her after losing in the Republican primary.

“I’m not a big political person. I can understand what she’s saying. She doesn’t talk over your head,” said Kim Ketchum, who was dressed in a Wasilla-red sweatshirt Tuesday night at Palin’s Hotel Captain Cook celebration.

I think what Medred is really saying is that Palin makes no sense to him.

And since his writing reveals him to be a stark, raving fantacist maybe that’s a good thing.

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