Ben Smith’s Moronic Meltdown: UPDATED: Politico Doubles Down on Stupid

As has been well-documented in multiple posts (for example, see here, here, here, and here), Obama’s disastrous fiscal policies are leading to a 1970s style resurgence in inflation, particularly in the food and energy sectors.  And, to add to the malaise, just yesterday we learned that cotton futures are up 44% in the last six weeks, and overall clothing prices are up 10%.  Last fall The Fed announced they will be printing another $600 billion via QE2 in order to help mask monetize Obama’s skyrocketing debt.  This dilution of the currency will, of course, create even more inflationary pressure on America’s beleaguered currency.  With this as a backdrop, Governor Palin responded to a question today about Obama’s economic policies thusly:

No wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody ‘you’d better breastfeed your baby,'”…”Yeah, you’d better, because the price of milk is so high right now.”

This is a clever and reasonable response in which she brought home the impact of rising food prices caused by Obama’s economic policies to average people.  You know, those who have been experiencing rising prices at the grocery store yet are told by Washington that inflation is not a problem, that the real worry is deflation.  But, according to Obama sycophant Ben Smith of the left-wing blog, Politico, this was an attack on Michelle Obama.  Smith’s hilariously misleading headline:

Palin Knocks Breastfeeding Initiative

This is idiotic, even for Smith. It’s hard to tell if Smith is really this dumb, or if it’s simply an aggressive missing of the point.  Sorry, Benny (can I call you that?), this was a knock on Obama’s economic policies, much as you want to pretend otherwise, although the breastfeeding reference was a brilliant yet humorous way to expose the backasswards priorities of this administration.  Obama’s policies have our nation on a bullet train to bankruptcy, our currency is collapsing, inflation is rapidly gaining steam, and Obama is worried about how many moms are breastfeeding. Fantastic.

Update: (h/t Hal): No surprise here.  CNN, apparently, got the same memo Smith did.

Update IIShocker.  Amie Parnes is as ignorant as Ben Smith.  Is a complete and utter lack of brain power a requirement to blog at Politico?  The evidence would certainly suggest the answer is yes.

Update III: ABC’s headline is as pathetically misleading as Politico’s. Jedediah Bila wonders what event the media attended:

Can’t help but wonder if some in the media attended the same event I did today OR another one going on in their own heads?

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