Chris Tingle: Palin’s Like Gaddafi or Something

Chris Matthews was joined on his show this evening by two fellow Palin-haters, Cynthia Tucker and David Corn. Evidently they were discussing whether or not the Governor would run in 2012 (the consensus was she won’t). Then Matthews dropped one of the moronic non-sequiturs for which he is so well-known. Listen carefully as they all talk over each other in typical MSNBC fashion:

Sometimes someone says something so sublimely stupid that I don’t know how to react. I wanted to be angry, I really did, but that wasn’t the emotion which overwhelmed me. Instead, I erupted in uncontrollable laughter. I still can’t keep a straight face. I know, I know…one shouldn’t laugh at the cognitively disabled. But in Matthews’ case I simply can’t help myself. Is that wrong? Adding to the hilarity is the fact that this dumb*ss often passes judgment on the intelligence of others, as if he had any himself. Even the two lefties on his show weren’t buying what he was selling. Only in America can someone as dumb as Matthews get a TV show. What a country.

(h/t Zooropa)

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