Even Moderate Republican Governor Terry Branstad Concedes That Governor Palin is a “Strong [Woman] Candidate”/Open Thread

What’s going on today? Here’s the news:

-Moderate Republican Govenror Terry Branstad makes the following concession:

If Sarah Palin…participate[s], this could break all records and could get to be really, really wide open and very interesting…What really intrigues me is I’ve seen the kinds of crowds that…Sarah Palin can draw, and we have not had these kinds of strong women candidates before. That’s another dimension that is kind of intriguing, I guess.

-Doesn’t this post from a Rudy Giuliani fanboy actually suggest that her numbers among Iowa Republican voters have improved in the last year when you compare her numbers from the same pollster?

-Even if they have dropped, Tony Lee notes:

It is hilarious. [It’s] like saying Warren Buffett lost 50gs … Well, he’s still richer than everyone else!

-Even GOP12 concedes that it’s “just not that big a slip” and “it’s [not] dramatic enough to cause Team Palin much concern.”

-The reason why Laura Ingraham would plead for Mike Huckabee to run is pretty transparent. Ingraham knows what everyone knows and that is Mike Huckabee isn’t running.

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