Governor Palin on Long Island; UPDATED

Kathy Trinko was at Governor Palin’s Long Island event today and filed this report at the National Review:

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin isn’t ready to commit to a presidential run, but she indicated that she might decide soon, citing the need to connect with individual voters.

“Nothing is more effective than being actually there with the people in the diner, shaking hands,” Palin said during an interview today conducted by Long Island Association president Kevin Law at a luncheon sponsored by the group.

“I’d be the first to not necessarily recommend a short amount of time,” she remarked, citing the four days she had to prepare for the national scene as the vice presidential candidate. “Four days isn’t a whole lot of time to be prepared. It’s not even time enough to pack a bag. That’s why sometimes you have to borrow a wardrobe, and then you get crucified for borrowing a wardrobe for six weeks on the trail,” she wryly remarked, alluding to the uproar when it was discovered that clothes for Palin and her family during the campaign had cost $150,000.

But Palin cautioned that her recent decisions to appoint political strategist Michael Glassner as her PAC’s chief of staff shouldn’t be seen as a sign of presidential ambitions.

“I am still thinking about it [a presidential run], certainly haven’t made up my mind. Hired a chief of staff because, to tell you the truth, Todd’s getting kind of tired of doing it all for me,” Palin answered. “Just in the past couple of weeks we’ve been so doggone busy, that Todd has finally said look, I do have a few things I need to do . . . so we hired a chief of staff for practical, logistical reasons.”

Asked about her low poll numbers — a recent Gallup poll showed that over half of Americans viewed her unfavorably — Palin audibly sighed. “Yeah,” she said, later adding, “I get my butt kicked.”

“I look at those poll numbers and I say well, if I’m going to do this, then obviously I got to get out there and let people know who I am, what I stand for, and what my record is. I can’t rely on a liberal-leaning press,” she said.

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Update: Ron DeVito’s writeup, along with some pictures, can be found here.

Update II: (h/t Quiet Righty) More from the New York Times here and USA Today here and CNN here.

Update III: (h/t bamleader) More from Long Island, including two short videos, from CBS here.

Update IV: (h/t ZH) More from the AP here.

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