Happy Birthday PalinTV

February 14 2010… that’s a date I’ll never forget. That was the day PalinTV officially went live. Since then we’ve become highly recognized and recommended by the conservative blogosphere, and in one short year we have become one of the most prominent Pro-Palin websites.

We have been linked to by major media outlets including ABC, MSNBC, and Politico, just to name a few. We’ve been linked by Fox News to one of Governor Palin’s Fox News interviews displayed on our site. We’ve even been linked to by Governor Palin herself in a couple of her Facebook posts.

When we set out to do the site, our goal was to provide a place where people can go see, hear and read Governor Palin in her own words, unfiltered. Find out what Governor Palin really said and allow people to make their own educated decisions from there.

The following email – among many we’ve received – is evident that we are slowly but surely reaching our goal:

I used to hate Sarah Palin. I used to believe everything I heard about her in the media. It is only after I recently found your website that I realized how they were trying to manipulate me into believing how stupid Sarah Palin is. After watching some of Sarah Palin’s speeches and interviews unedited and unfiltered on your website I noticed how the media take everything she says and does out of context and spin it to advance their own agenda.

Your site gives me the opportunity to do my own research and make my own educated decision about her. I can’t say I’m ready to Support Palin for president yet but I’m surely moving in that direction.

Thank you for a great site keep up your great work.

Those who were with us from the start would have noticed the various changes that we’ve made to the site in the course of just one year. We started out with only a handful of videos. The site now contains well over 1,000. We have added a number of new sections including: Shows where you can find an interview based on a particular show the Governor appeared on, Policy and Issues section where you can find an interview or Facebook post based on a particular topic. That’s in addition to our Photo Galleries and Blog sections.

The site is still a work in progress and in the upcoming months you will see some major overhauls, including the method of how videos are displayed, which will make it much easier to jump from one video to another, plus the capability to watch all videos on hand held devices.

Of course none of this would have come to fruition without the encouragement, support and contributions made by our loyal viewers. It is you who made all this possible and helped us reach daily traffic beyond what we could have imagined just one short year ago.

So on this first anniversary I take the opportunity to thank you all for your dedicated support and for helping us make PalinTV the must go-to website to hear, see and read Governor Palin in her own words, unfiltered!

If you haven’t done so yet, let your friends and family know about PalinTV.

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