Hilarious: Jay Carney Explains Obama’s New Math

Last night we posted on Obama’s amazing revelation that trillions of dollars in new red ink is synonymous with running a balanced budget, as long as the borrowing is being used to pay interest on the ever-increasing debt. Today, to add to the fun, we present Obama’s new press secretary, Jay Carney, as he explains to Jake Tapper how adding to the national debt to pay interest on that debt really isn’t…adding to the national debt.

Eh? Thanks, Jay. It’s all clear to me now. Maybe we should feel sorry for Jay. He is, after all, in the position of having to defend the indefensible. Can anyone imagine the meltdown the DC media would have had if Bush had claimed that borrowing to pay for the war in Iraq didn’t add to the national debt? How would that have been any different?

Exit Question I: How long will Carney last in this position? He’s even worse than Gibbs at spinning Obama’s BS.

Exit Question II: Does anyone think for a moment that a President Palin would put up with this sophistry?

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