John Thune Won’t Run in 2012; UPDATED

Via the Politico:

John Thune isn’t running for president.

“For months now, my wife Kimberley and I have received encouragement from family, friends, colleagues, and supporters from across South Dakota and the country to run for the presidency of the United States,” Thune said in a statement posted on his website today.

“I feel that I am best positioned to fight for America’s future here in the trenches of the United States Senate,” he said. Thune’s statement didn’t indicate who he might support in the 2012 presidential primary.

As it became increasingly clear that the Mittster would never fly with conservatives due to his incessant flip flopping and the albatross of Romneycare, GOP insiders began their search for a viable alternative. Thune was one of the first to be pushed by the Washington establishment as their preferred anti-Palin candidate. However, in late September Thune made a startling revelation, admitting that the prospect of a Palin candidacy weighed “heavily” on his mind.  Translation: if she runs, there was no chance he could win.

Upon hearing this, the Palin-obsessed Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post was apoplectic.  On her ratings-challenged show on CNN with Client Number Nine, she ranted about Governor Palin not running and being a “tease” for not telling us that.  She can’t win, Parker assured us.  She should therefore immediately announce she isn’t running, Parker scolded.  Presumably this was so because Thune then wouldn’t have to fear the big bad hockey mom from Wasilla and would therefore get in the race.

Parker, in her infinite wisdom, claimed that Governor Palin shouldn’t run in 2012 because she can’t win the female vote.  Parker arrives at this conclusion, near as I can tell, because it’s her contention that real women would only support a candidate who’s afraid of Governor Palin, but since that candidate (Thune) won’t run unless Palin declares she’s not running, Parker and other women with similar thought processes will be denied the opportunity to vote for him.  Got that? In short, they’ll have been effectively disenfranchised by that mean ole’ Sarah Palin.

Well, now it appears that Thune has decided he can wait no longer, prompting him to pull the plug.  I think we can draw two conclusions from this turn of events,  First, Thune believes Governor Palin is running, and has wisely made his decision accordingly.  Second, Kathleen Parker is one unhappy camper today.

Exit Question: How long before KP’s next anti-Palin tirade is unleashed, whether at CNN or the Washington Post?

Update by Hal: Thune not running in 2012 helps Governor Palin in his home state, giving her a first place finish among GOP primary voters in South Dakota, at least according to the ever reliable Daily Kos Pollster:

Palin 21%
Huckster 19%
Mittens 17%
Newt 12%
Paul 7%
T-Paw 5%
Daniels 1%

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