Jonathan Martin: Palin Needs to Stop Being Mean to Us or Something

This is hilarious. Obama lap dog Jonathan Martin of the Politico has his drawers in a bunch because, he claims, Governor Palin doesn’t treat him and his fellow Democrats in the media as nicely as Reagan:

But she couldn’t help but get in a jab at the press in the same interview, telling Brody that “much of the mainstream media is already becoming irrelevant.”

Such shots have, of course, become staples of Palin’s repertoire. They illustrate that, despite her claims, criticism plainly does get to her.


Reagan, who was savaged within his own party and by some quarters of the media, knew he wouldn’t bolster his White House hopes by only lashing out at his critics. It’s a lesson Palin speaks favorably of but has yet to follow.

It seems Johnny Boy yearns for the good old days when a monolithic Democrat media establishment could lie about conservatives with impunity. Those days are gone, Champ, and so are the days when conservatives were obliged to show Democrat shills in the media any respect, insincere though it may have been, simply because they needed them to get their message out.  That’s hardly the case now.  With a simple Facebook Note, Governor Palin reaches far more than Martin ever will.  And, as an added bonus, the old media will more than likely cover it anyway.

Governor Palin is right…the mainstream media is becoming irrelevant. They need her far more than she needs them and they know it.  Indeed she knows it too and, most frustrating for the old media, they know that she knows that they know it (How’s Milbank’s February “Palin Media Blackout” working out?).  It seems that Martin and his fellow travelers simply don’t know how to deal with a straight talking conservative who won’t put up with their BS, and feels no need to show respect where none is warranted.  Either that or Johnny is still upset that Governor Palin had the, dare I say it, audacity to call him what he is: a punk.

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