Palin/Quam in and out of Puntilla Lake/Open Thread – Updated

At 2:30 p.m. Alaska time, Team #11 went through Puntilla Lake. Now headed to Rohn. You can see the route the Iron Dog racers will travel here. Race tracking here. Note that the ones nearer the top are the trail class racers.

Governor Palin tweets:

And they’re off!!! Iron Dog 2011!

In case you missed the live stream:


In other news, Josh Painter has a response to Myra Adams’ piece.

What else is going on today?

Update: Team #11 is in the lead right now. They’re through Rohn and headed to Nikolai. Davis/Davis are in second. Team #16, Minnick/Olstad, has scratched. Teams 8 and 9 are back in Puntilla on layover. Team #8 had a freak accident and one of the sleds caught on fire. More here.

Update II: Pictures here and here.

Update III: More pictures here, starting with #14. And the lady who hugged Todd in the video was the Iron Dog Board of Directors President, Marianne Beckham.

Update IV: Pics here and here. And um… okay.  The Alaska Bushman. Wearing a musk ox.

Update V: Palin/Quam are in and out of Nikolai. Now headed to McGrath. Team #9 has scratched. Blestmom has some more pictures here.

Update VI: Palin/Quam are in McGrath and are taking a 10 hour layover.

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