Politico and the Washington Post Cite to Overwhelming Evidence that Mike Huckabee is Not Running

The evidence that Mike Huckabee is not running continues to pile up:

Karen Tumulty’s piece on Mike Huckabee today makes abundantly clear that he has little appetite to dive back into presidential politics. There was one line in particular that illustrated why a second run appears increasingly unlikely.

Asked how he’d run differently in 2012, the former Arkansas governor told Tumulty: “Money — lots of it. One thing I’m certainly going to gauge over the next few months is, would there be substantial financial support. … I don’t plan to jump in a pool that has no water.”

However, Politico also ran a ridiculous article about how Huckabee’s hatred for Romney may be one of the things that pushes him into the race. Huckabee has denied the report. In any event, the argument that his hatred for Romney may push him into the race makes absolutely no sense. The best way for Huckabee to prevent Romney from winning is actually to not run for the presidency. Even the Daily Kos pollster found that 40% of his support would go to Governor Palin in the event that he did not run. That’s a high enough percentage to potentially swing the race decisively to Governor Palin.

Others have also pointed out that Governor Palin would be a strong favorite (see the final comment) to win the nomination once Mike Huckabee ends the charade and formally announces that he’s not running. So it makes no sense why Politico would run two articles today that completely contradict each other.

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