The Demoralization of Palin Supporters

Ever since Governor Palin stepped on to the national stage, there has been a coordinated attempt to take her out. The liberals, the media, and even people in her own party have been on a rampage to destroy her. They went as far as sabotaging her administration to force her to resign so they could use another talking point against her. I’ve said this before but if Governor Palin hadn’t resigned, they would have went with the talking point that if she really cared about her state, she would have resigned. Nothing Governor Palin did was good enough for them. All this was in an attempt to demoralize the Governor and keep her out of national politics.

What they didn’t calculate is that Governor Palin is pretty good at taking the shots – as a matter of fact, they only make her stronger. The more they attack her, the stronger she gets. With that effort failing, they have to divert to plan B: demoralize her supporters. Peel off her base slice by slice. Frustrate us and make sure we eventually give up.

First, they label us stupid and uneducated with the hope that will break us. Hey, no one wants to be told they are stupid.

Then they’ll tell us that we shouldn’t kid ourselves, she’s not running, “She isn’t doing anything that potential candidates usually do”, “She isn’t building a team”, “She’s got nothing in Iowa”. Basically telling us to quit while we’re ahead.

When that doesn’t work, it’s on to the next level. She doesn’t like doing the things candidates usually do like retail politics, so even if she does run, no way she can win Iowa. They won’t tell you that retail politics is Governor Palin’s trademark, as Whitney Pitcher has pointed out here.

Next, they’ll throw us a little bone and admit that Governor Palin is the only candidate in the race that can outmatch Obama’s numbers in crowd attendance. They’ll admit that she has the star power and can raise money, but they’ll try to knock us down by convincing us that the crowds will only be there out of curiosity and just to watch the show, saying “they won’t actually vote for her”. So even the crowds mean nothing.

Moving on to the next level; “she can’t possibly win the nomination, let alone the presidency”. They’ll pick a couple of states that they claim should be strong for her and then they will produce polls showing her down in the states they picked. For good measure, they’ll even tell us that her own state hates her.

When everything fails, they’ll wait for a good opportunity and pounce. For example, they’ll accuse her of murder. That should definitely do it for her. Do a poll when she’s knocked down showing that the majority of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of her and hope that by this point, we’ll all get fed up. And to be sure, the murder thing nearly worked. In the days following the Arizona shooting, the conservative blogs and many pro-Palin sites, including many of supporters of the Governor, had all but given up hope.

But as Nicole Coulter points out, Governor Palin’s supporters are resilient. When we get slapped in the cheek, we’ll take the hit for a couple of days, wipe our tears, then turn around and eagerly welcome the slap on the other cheek. Because every slap they give us convinces us that everything they are telling us is wrong. If Palin’s opponents really believed their narratives, they wouldn’t have been slapping us in the first place.

The truth is that they know she is the only one that actually can win. Why attack her if she has no shot? If they truly believed she can’t win, why not prop her up? Wouldn’t they rather have her up against Obama than someone they believe can actually beat him? The media and the pollsters make it sound like the election will take place the day she announces. What they don’t tell you is that there will probably be close to eight months between an announcement until the first vote takes place in Iowa, followed by ten months until election day.

As for the polls, they mean nothing at this point. There are people under the assumption that she is not running, and there are those who think she will but have been caught up by the media distortions in believing she can’t win. These people will of course, tell pollsters that they wouldn’t vote for her. If you have an option of voting for someone that you believe will run against someone you believe won’t run, whom would you back? No one likes to appear that they are backing a losing horse, especially one that’s not even in the race. Read more about the secrets behind the poll numbers in “The Polarization of Sarah Palin”

Once Governor Palin announces whether she’s running or not, she’ll meet the American people in their own homes, she’ll talk with them, and they will listen. She will challenge her opponents, she will do the debates, she will release her governing platform, she will do the speeches, events, campaigning and interviews.

The crowds will line up to “listen” to her and they will love her and agree with what she stands for. They will be there to support her – they will campaign for her and vote for her. When the voters hear her, they will realize that everything was just a coordinated attack to destroy her and she’ll become immune from attack. Her numbers will dramatically go up and her support will increase to unprecedented levels.

Governor Palin has always been best as the underdog. She isn’t expecting to be handed the presidency on a golden platter. She’s a fighter and wants to fight for it and she wants to earn it and will. It’s up to us, her supporters, to stand with her now and fight with her. For two years, Governor Palin has been taking the shots on our behalf. Now it’s up to us to take the shots for her. The battle will be tough, but we will stand tall together, we will fight, we will not give up and we will win.

In the end, the media will be right about one thing: all those states they declared as Palin territory…well yes, they are.

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