Jonathan Martin’s Latest Novel: The Fictitious Palin

Politico continues on their path of fiction when it comes to writing about Governor Palin. Here is my comment posted on their Web site this morning:

“Out here in the Heartland, we just laugh at Politico’s pathetic attempts — as well as those by others inside the Beltway — to tear down a bold, principled woman who has accomplished much more in her two decades of public service than they ever will in their entire lives. Governor Palin must be succeeding against both the Left and the RINO Right; otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeing this tripe month after month. (It is fitting that Jonathan Martin’s byline is on this story — and “story” is the right word — because he has probably made up more fiction in his so-called reports on Governor Palin over the past two years than any other Politico reporter…….and that really says something!)”

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