Ari Fleischer (“Mr Incredible”) Tells Sarah Palin To Forget 2012

Well now you have it, folks, straight from a guy who knows where it’s at – Ari Fleischer…and it must be kosher because it comes from the balanced, politically neutral and absolutely reliable Politico

“I cannot see any way, shape or form that she can win the Republican primary,” Fleischer, the former press secretary to President George W. Bush, said as reported by the Idaho Mountain Express.

Fleischer, who was in Ketchum, Idaho to speak as part of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts’ Lecture Series, said he’d never seen such a wide open Republican field, but that the former Alaska governor was not among the serious contenders.

Ari sure knows how to pick winners, of course. He was on the George H Bush re-election team in 1992…whoops.. …that went well…and in the 2000 campaign he was head hunted by – Elizabeth Dole?

Still he managed to find a niche in W’s 2000 team and became the public face of the White House in 2001 as the new President’s Press Secretary. But he resigned in the summer of 2003, ostensibly “to spend more time with his wife”. However his departure also coincided with the eruption of interest in the alleged exposure of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent by Scooter Libby, Vice President Cheney’s Chief of Staff – indeed in 2007 Ari was summoned to appear before a grand jury investigating the affair.

Alex Koppelman at Salon was not impressed. Now Alex might be a “a delusional liberal pantywaist… who still rides a bicycle. By choice. On the sidewalk.” (Kathy Shaidle) but his take on  Libby lawyer Ted Wells  view of Fleischer is worth a punt

If you’ve ever watched a mob trial, especially one involving witnesses who have been “flipped” by the government to testify against their former colleagues, then you’ll probably be familiar with what Wells intends to accomplish by talking about Fleischer’s deal: Call into question the credibility of the witness by suggesting that he may be telling more than he really knows in order to get a sweetheart deal from the governnment.

After explaining that Fleischer agreed to testify only after getting immunity, Wells listed the reasons that government witnesses might be less credible than the prosecution has suggested: Memories change, notes can affect recollections, and some witnesses may have their own agendas. This last bit, Wells made clear, was all about Fleischer.

Since Ari left the heady world of DC politics he has entered the arena of  “Media Sports Consultancy” though not too successfully according to Tom Weir of USA Today

Ari Fleischer no longer will be Tiger Woods’ caddy on public image issues.

The former White House press secretary told the Associated Press in an email that he is no longer working for Woods.

Fleischer doesn’t exactly leave with a sterling record in the sports world. Woods was criticized for taking more than three months to make a public appearance after the Thanksgiving night car crash that led to news of his infidelities.

Fleischer also gave Mark McGwire advice on his steroid confession. That was roundly mocked when the slugger contended performance-enhancing drugs hadn’t increased his home run production.

Good old Ari – about as sure footed as a tortoise walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon…

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