Battle Cry: We’re Sick Of Republicans Who Don’t Fight Back

So this week we learned Ari Fleischer, Bush’s former “mouthpiece,”  believes Palin doesn’t stand a chance of winning the GOP nomination. I know I’m late in commenting, but isn’t that rich coming from a man whose boss received 500,000 fewer votes than the Democrat but somehow became president anyway? Does Ari really have much margin to talk about anyone’s “chances” for winning anything? Were it not for a random butterfly ballot and a few hanging chads, we would never had been treated to eight years of his employer’s compassionate profligacy (all due respect, naturally). 

And our newest roaming conservative scholar and C4P commenter, Joshua Burgess, just yesterday called C4P a “Cult of Personality” and we amuse him almost to the point of tears in our comment section. I’m glad we’re useful for something. He seems to think I’m one of the chief Kool-Aid dispensers to the ignorant masses or something. (As someone who by the pure grace of God managed to get off the liberal Kool-Aid a few years back, I find that amusing).

I’m just gonna put this challenge out there to Ari, Joshua and anyone else who thinks we C4Pers  are some kind of joke. 

You go ahead and tell us which prospective Republican presidential nominee actually fights.

Go on … We won’t laugh if you honestly think it’s Mitch Daniels. (Ok, we will laugh). But tell us who is out there fighting Obama’s leftist agenda tooth and nail on energy security, human rights, border enforcement, fiscal restraint, and free market healthcare?

We’re waiting  ….

And still waiting …

And we’ll continue to wait …

Can’t you just admit you don’t want a Republican who fights? You want a Republican who doesn’t embarrass you with too much … fight.

Someone, for instance, who would never resign a governship on principle, but would cling to their hard-won political title for dear life no matter the costs to themselves or anyone else. Because it looks better.

The funny thing about Palin resigning the governorship? In only one world would you keep doing a job that put you $500,000 in debt in less than one year and that is the world of politics. And that same political world is the one that also tells Republicans not to speak too loudly for fear of offending a nearby liberal. It’s like we’re all living in a library and can’t risk attracting unwanted attention from the nasty liberal librarian.

The rule seems to be that conservatives have no right to speak boldly and clearly and without fear. We must accept our lot in life, and settle for the crumbs falling off the liberal cultural banquet.

And someone like Governor Palin should have just sucked it up, kept her head down, kept cashing a paycheck from the Alaska taxpayers, while getting PWNED daily by Obama’s Alaska Mafia at great collateral cost to her state. That would have shown her tenacity, right? Because tenacious people enjoy walking into work everyday waiting to be frivolously sued into oblivion, and having to beg total strangers and taxpayers to “bail” them out from legal bills.  Begging is so tenacious. Do you have to beg much in your PhD studies, Joshua? Maybe you like that sort of thing, I dunno. I’ve heard it’s an acquired taste, mainly among liberals, apparently.

I had the great privilege of assisting Bristol Palin on a recent speech. (In the end, she really didn’t need help. Her story is so powerful.) But what amazed me about her story was how “normal” the Palins really are. Refreshingly normal. She related that they don’t sit around the dinner table obsessing about politics, that they actually have real lives and politics is but one component of that “real life.” I think we all caught a glimpse of that during Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Maybe that’s why Governor Palin fights so hard. She’s hasn’t forgotten “real life.” In real life, people don’t stay in jobs that are bankrupting them and causing harm to their employers and their staff. In real life, people seek ways to make a difference, not just to look good politically. In real life, it’s not always about optics — but about ethics.

Josh and Ari … You can say whatever you want about us Palinistas, and our hero, Governor Palin. But we’re not going anywhere. We’ve found a woman who fights, and she is precious to us.

I saw this over on Governor Palin’s 2.8 million-strong Facebook page from a Palin fan and a former New York Times reader …

I’m Sick of Republicans Who Don’t Fight Back

Me too.

And for the record, Fleischer and the Bushies might want to do a little soul-searching on that aspect of 2012 Republican voter sentiment before trashing their party’s brightest fighter.

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