Benyamin Korn Talks to Bill Kristol

Last week Doug reported on Bill Kristol’s Moronic Quote of the Day. On Sunday Binyamin Korn of JewsForSarah took Mr Kristol to task on his radio show.

In an email to C4P Mr. Korn described the interview as follows:

Kristol came on and basically refudiated what he’s said at Vanderbilt, saying maybe he misread things because she hasn’t been at the many conferences he attends, maybe he has too much of an inside-the-beltway mentality, that he remains a great admirer of hers (which he said at Vanderbilt), and he wants her to be engaged in our political life.

He asked me if I thought she were running. I said yes, definitely. He asked why I thought so. So I said, for starters because a month ago she hired a senior veteran of 3 GOP presidential tickets to run SarahPac. He said, that’s a very good point.

I said she has not been trooping around the country giving speeches since her book tour and that she had good reason to take a break after all she’d done leading up to Nov. 2010, be with her family, and prepare. I said when most politicians say they want to be with their families, it means they need an excuse to get out of D.C., but when Sarah Palin says it, it’s because she means it. And he said, well that’s true, too.

I also recounted something she’s said in her India Today Conclave speech. She said there is a scene from India on the wall in her house that she looked at while writing her speech. Imagine her telling this very high-falutin’ crowd of Indians that she wrote the speech in her kitchen. Most pols don’t write their own speeches, and even if they did most would never let on they’d written it in their kitchen. Most of the Indians in that audience never enter a kitchen because they have slews of servants. But when Sarah says it, you know it’s true, and you admire her all the more.


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