Bill O’Reilly Cranky That Governor Palin Ended His Interruptions

This evening, Bill O’Reilly took a shot at Governor Palin on his show regarding the last interview he conducted with her. If you recall, the governor rightly put an end to O’Reilly’s annoying habit of interruption, by reminding him that he was indeed interrupting her. As you can imagine, Bill’s ego suffered a bit of a bruising from the governor’s action.

On tonight’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor, Bill spoke with Chis Wallace to make himself feel better about it all. He compared his behavior as a media personality, with that of Chris Wallace, stating that it is mandatory for serious journalists like themselves to constantly interrupt their guests. I’m not sure how Wallace managed to allow himself to be used by O’Reilly in this manner considering that he is not the one with the horrible reputation of being a rude host. Not through persistent interruptions anyway… No, Bill O’Reilly is the one with the bad reputation and he knows it. Obviously Governor Palin struck a nerve (and an over-sized ego) when she called him out last week, otherwise he wouldn’t have done this segment tonight.

The funny thing is that if Bill actually paid any attention to the answers his guests give, he would have realized that Governor Palin DID answer his question. The show’s transcript states:

O’REILLY: Some people want mandatory retirement age where you would have to take it raised up to about 67. Are you for that? Do you want to raise that mandatory age to 67 retirement?

PALIN: Everything — everything is going to have to change for those who are enrolled in the program now and will be enrolled in the program now. But we do not change the pension benefit…

O’REILLY: I agree. The people who…

PALIN: …of those who are receiving it now and that what’s people care…

O’REILLY: …brought in and the people who need it.

PALIN: And I really apologize that up here in Alaska we have the four second delay. So it’s — it’s not an easy exchange…


She said “everything” and the word “everything,” in this instance, encompasses the topic being discussed, as well as other things that were not mentioned. Yes, plus more, if you will.

Most media personalities have to interrupt their guests at some point. However, Bill O’Reilly interrupts his guests every time they try to answer any of his questions. It’s habitual and it’s annoying.

Mark Levin also had a few choice words for the “8 PMer,” after the show. Enjoy!

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