Democrat Deficit Reduction Plan: Reduce Spending by 0.28%

I saw this yesterday morning on Fox News and was hoping I could get my hands on video of the exchange.  I did.  On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace, whom nobody would refer to as a conservative, confronts Senate Assistant Majority Leader, Dick Durbin (D-IL) with the utter farce that is the Democrat deficit reduction plan.  The Democrat plan, Wallace notes, is to cut a microscopic $10.5 billion from an overall budget of $3.7 trillion.  In other words, with the nation riding a bullet train to bankruptcy thanks to their unbelievably reckless spending, the Democrats can’t cut more than 0.28% from their  bloated, unsustainable budget.

When asked about this by Wallace, Little Dick Durbin (h/t Mark Levin) ignores the question and goes off on some tangent related to, well, nothing at all.  A clearly annoyed Wallace presses him to answer his question, but Durbin won’t be deterred.  He angrily accuses Wallace of not allowing him to give his answer, though precisely what or who’s question he’s answering is anyone’s guess.  When Wallace tries one more time to get Durbin to respond to the actual question he asked, Durbin says he’s going to “finish my answer one way or the other”, never mind that his rant had nothing to do with anything Wallace asked, but was rather a regurgitation of tired liberal talking points warning of impending apocalyptic doom if the nation, gasp, attempts to put its fiscal house in order. Click below to watch:

At the end, Little Dick (sorry…that never gets old) finally admits that 0.28% is all that Democrats are willing to cut, that they’ve “pushed this to the limit”.  To put this in perspective, 0.28% is less than your average rounding error.  This is insanity, and is indicative of the extent to which the Democrat Party, from Obama on down to state legislators (see Wisconsin), have no clue how close this nation is to a fiscal meltdown not unlike that being experienced in Greece.

Sooner or later ( I suspect sooner), investors will demand much higher interest rates for U.S. treasuries or look elsewhere to invest their money.  This is both predictable and inevitable if we continue down the path Durbin, Obama, and their ilk are leading us.  When that happens the U.S. government will have effectively ceded control of the budget to creditors, who will then dictate our priorities much like the IMF dictates priorities to banana republics, an outcome Governor Palin has been warning us about repeatedly. America as we’ve known it will cease to be.

There is still time to turn things around, but not a whole lot, and if this buffoon’s comments are illustrative of where the Democrat Party is on fiscal responsibility, we’re in deep doo-doo.  In the past Illinois produced great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.  Today they produce the likes of Barack Obama, Dick Durbin, Rahm Emmanuel, and Blago. How far we’ve fallen.

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