Doug Adams | Sarah Palin Looks Prophetic Now

Doug Adams | Sarah Palin Looks Prophetic Now

With the price of gas skyrocketing and turmoil in the Middle East (again), former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s calls for energy independence and to “drill, baby, drill” right here in our own country during the 2008 presidential campaign are sounding prophetic.

As President Obama restricts drilling efforts in our own country and increases our dependence on foreign energy sources, and gas prices rise to the point they may once again cripple our economy, it’s becoming clear we need a different type of leadership in the White House.

Governor Palin alone among the potential presidential candidates in 2012 has the experience (as commissioner of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission) and, more importantly, the will, to see us become energy independent and no longer rely on foreign sources of energy to fuel our economy.


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