Ferraro: “[Governor Palin Was the First Person In A] National Position [Who] Publicly Thanked Me in 24 Years”/Open Thread UPDATED

According to Conroy and Walshe, Geraldine Ferraro had called Governor Palin after her introductory speech as McCain’s VP choice in Dayton, Ohio to tell the Governor “how honored she had been to hear her name” in Palin’s speech.

At around the 24:15 mark of this video, Governor Palin praised Congresswoman Ferraro’s Vice Presidential candidacy in 1984.

I also recall reading that the reason why Ferraro was so honored that Governor Palin praised her candidacy in her introductory speech was because over the years, very few people, even from her own party, showed the same level of respect as Palin did for her achievement in 1984. If you come across the quote that I am talking about, shoot us an e-mail.

Treat this thread as the open thread for the evening.

Update: She’s on Pirro’s show tonight at 9 PM EST to talk about Ferraro. Here’s the quote that I was asking about:

Geraldine Ferraro: “I have to tell you, I got a phone call from my family too, and my daughter — the immediate thing was, ‘Wow! McCain picked a woman.’ I thought it was stunning when it happened, because it is so historic. The other thing I must say this is the first time that anybody who is in a national position, has publicly thanked me in 24 years.” (FOX’s “Fox & Friends,” 8/30/08)

UPDATE II: Governor Palin calls in to Judge Jeanine Pirro. It was a very short call

Via PalinTV

Her earlier phone call to Jamie Colby is available here

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