Governor Palin Talks to Judge Napolitano Tonight/Open Thread

She’ll talk to the Judge tonight. Until then, here’s the news:

-She tweeted the following about Obama’s press conference. She also tweeted about Japan.

-Matt Towery writes the following in Townhall:

Her devoted following gives her a head start if she decides to run. And for political instincts, this woman makes Hillary look like she is standing still.

In some ways, Palin reminds me of female version of Ronald Reagan in 1980. The press dubbed him incompetent and unelectable. The people found him magnetic and about two tons smarter than he was given credit for.

Keep a watchful eye on Palin. She learned the ropes during her vice-presidential campaign as John McCain’s running mate.

This poll strongly suggests that she’ll be leading Iowa once Mike Huckabee formally admits that he’s not running for the presidency. In any event, Huckabee and Romney have lost a good chunk of the support they had won in Iowa in 2008.

-Her representatives met with RNC Chair Reince Priebus.

Longshot gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger on Governor Palin.

-GOProud’s Chris Barron writes:

The current environment favors candidates like Palin who refuse to play by the rules, who thumb their noses at the establishment and who consistently challenge conventional wisdom. Further, Palin, who is viewed as the public face of the Tea Party, enjoys a popularity and credibility among conservative activists that is unparalleled.

What else is going on today?

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