Governor Palin Interviewed by the BBC

Via the BBC:

Newsnight’s Jackie Long meets former Alaskan governor and potential 2012 presidential contender Sarah Palin at the Iron Dog, a gruelling 1,971 mile (3,172 km) off-road snowmobile race across Alaska in temperatures as low as minus 50 Celsius.

This the longest snowmobile race in the world has been won four times by Palin’s husband, Todd.

Watch Jackie Long’s interview with Sarah Palin in full on Newsnight on Monday 7 March 2011 at 10.30pm [5:30pm est.] on BBC Two, then afterwards on BBC iPlayer and Newsnight website.

I can’t say for sure how accurate this information is as I haven’t been able to independently confirm it, but it certainly appears legitimate.  We’ll see.  Click here to see a short video clip.

This is further evidence contradicting the media narrative that Governor Palin only does interviews with Fox News. Recently the Governor has had interviews with Time,  CNNThe New York TimesMary Hart Entertainment Tonight,  London GuardianNewsmaxSunshine News, and NRO to name just a few.

We’ll post video of the interview as soon as it becomes available.


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