Governor Palin Talks to Bill O’Reilly and David Asman/Open Thread

She talks to Bill O’Reilly and David Asman tonight on Fox News and the Fox Business Network, respectively. What else is going on today?

Both she and Bristol are scheduled to speak at faith-based events in the Oklahoma City area in the next few weeks.

When asked if the growing visibility of Sarah Palin and her enthusiasm for hunting is a factor in the sport’s growing popularity, Rhodes said she and other women can relate to Palin because, like the former governor, they have been hunting since childhood.”

The Betfair Contrarian: Why Sarah Palin will win the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination

I think the reason why this week has been so damaging to Mike Huckabee has less to do with what he has said but rather that it became clear that he acts in a completely different manner when he’s talking to the MSM than when he’s talking to conservative talk radio. In that sense, he’s a lot like his enemy from the 2008 Republican primary, Mitt Romney and the current President. Like Obama and Romney, Huckabee will tell voters in Scranton one thing while saying something completely different to an audience in San Francisco. One thing you know about Governor Palin is that she’ll say the same thing to Sean Hannity that she’ll say to Democrat and Obama voter Robin Roberts.

Huckabee is only polling well with Republicans right now because he is perceived as an electable conservative. Some Republicans have been willing to forgive his past flirtations with economic liberalism because they believed the kid gloves with which the MSM treated him showed that he’d be a strong general election candidate. Well, Huckabee’s facade was blown apart this week and if there’s any justice, Huckabee will lose support from his previous allies in the MSM and Republicans for talking out of both sides of his mouth.

In any event, I need to achieve my quota by making my daily pronouncement that Mike Huckabee is absolutely not running for the presidency.

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