Governor Palin Talks to Hannity Tomorrow and Obama Collapses in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll/Open Thread

She’ll talk with Hannity tomorrow. Until then, here’s the news:

Governor Palin on Lent:

I do observe Lent, and my family and I have traditionally sacrificed something during these weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. When I was growing up, my Irish Catholic grandfather would remind me that sacrifices offered up during Lent are to be like tithing — if you advertise your ’sacrifice’ and tithe then you negate any spiritual gains. (Or maybe he’d say that because he didn’t want us to know what he gave up!)

Catholic baptism and Catechism classes have stuck with me internally.

She tweeted about how ridiculous it is that “rodeo clowns still want to fund Cowboy Poetry Party.”

John Nolte from Big Hollywood: HBO to Release Film Based on Sarah Palin Hit-Job ‘Game Change’

Don’t tell the media that Obama’s approval rating continues to collapse in the Gallup daily tracking poll.

The Daily Kos pollster is now the SEIU/Daily Kos pollster. Only in the Daily Kos/SEIU world is Governor Palin somehow polling better against the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko in Missouri than she is in South Dakota or Arizona.

It doesn’t appear that Newt Gingrich will be at the Politico debate either. Let’s hope for Callista’s sake that Newt doesn’t work too hard or get stressed during his campaign…

Here are Scott Conroy’s thoughts on the Arizona rumor.

Do I need to say it again that Mike Huckabee is not running for the presidency? Americans continue to reject Mike Huckabee’s latest piece of work.

What else is going on today?

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