Harry Reid: Mean-Spirited Republicans Want to Cut Funding for “Cowboy Poetry”

In a post yesterday, Dick Durbin demonstrated how profoundly detached from reality the Democrat Party is when it comes to getting the nation’s fiscal house in order.  But, as it turns out, Little Dick’s boss, Harry Reid, is even more delusional. Today, in one of the most surreal displays I’ve seen from a sitting senator, Dingy Harry claimed fiscal responsibility is “mean spirited” because it would result in a loss of funding for…drumroll please…cowboy poetry.  Via Fox News:

Can someone explain how it is that out of 300 plus million people in the United States, this moron is Senate Majority Leader? This is the best we can do? Our nation is going broke and he can’t even cut subsidies to cowboy poetry. I wasn’t even aware that cowboy poetry existed, much less that someone decided that taxpayers should subsidize it. We’re doomed, folks.

I have to give credit, though, to Mark Steyn. Today he proved that cowboy poetry does indeed exist, and that it’s possible to create it sans taxpayer subsidies:

An ol’ cowpoke went ridin’ out one dark and windy day
Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way
When all at once he spied a posse from the GOP
A-hangin’ from that ol’ mesquite his fed’ral subsidy

His pen was still a-fire and he knew how to spell “git”
But an ol’ paint can’t outride a trillion-dollar deficit
If only Harry Reid can head ’em off at that there pass
‘Cuz he hasn’t finished paying off creative-writing class

Yipp-ki-o yippi-ki-ay
Cow Poets On The Dole
Yipp-ki-o yippi-ki-ay
Cow Poets On The Dole…

Update: CBDenver notes in the comments that Steyn’s cowboy poetry is a takeoff on Ghost Riders in the Sky. Since I’m only familiar with the Outlaws version, I’ll post that one.

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