Huckabee’s Book Bombs According to the USA Today Best-Seller List Among All Books (Update: Scott Brown’s Book Bombs As Well)

Mike Huckabee hilariously claimed that he would base part of the decision on whether to run for president on how his book sold. The returns are in and his book has bombed. His book opens at a terrible #46 on the USA Today best-seller list among all books despite all the hype.

If you think it’s unfair to compare how Huckabee’s book did with Going Rogue, Huckabee still falls short when you compare how his book performed with Governor Palin’s second book, America By Heart. It opened at #4 on the USA Today best-seller list among all books.

At least Huckabee is outperforming Obama’s last two duds. But it’s clear now that Mike Huckabee isn’t running.

Update: It appears that Scott Brown’s book has bombed as well.

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