Information on the New Disqus Commenting System

You may have noticed that we switched over to the new Disqus commenting system. We did this because Disqus comments are stored on the Disqus system which as a result speeds up this site’s loading time.

We have received multiple emails regarding this new system; we have therefore compiled this step by step instruction guide.

The Disqus system is not connected to this site’s commenting or registration system. Which means that even though you have registered in the past with this site, you will have to register with Disqus to be able to comment. Your existing C4P username and password will NOT work.

To register.  Click on the “Disqus” logo on the top right of the comment section and select “Login”.

A login dialog box will open:


Select “Don’t have one? Register a new profile” below the “Login” button, a new dialog box will open:

Fill in your details. You will have to pick a “Unique” user name, one that has not yet been taken by another Disqus user across the entire Disqus network. If you pick one that has already been taken you’ll receive the following message:

Keep trying until you come up with one that has not been used. Once your registration has been accepted, you will receive an email from “Disqus” asking you to verify your registration. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS.

You will be returned to the top of the comment section. It will display your username with a notice You must verify your Disqus Profile email address before your comments are approved. Click here to verify:

Clicking on the link will display the following message:

The following message will appear once you have verified your account

You can then access your profile by Clicking on the “Disqus” logo on the top right of the comment section and selecting “Edit Profile”:

An “Edit your profile” box will open:


Change your profile, upload an avatar, set notification settings and various other options. Be sure to click “Save Changes” to save any profile changes you make.

You can now use your Disqus user name to comment on any website that uses the Disqus system.

In an event where you get an error message that your email address has already been used, you may have once registered with Disqus on another site without realizing it. In the first window after you click login. Select “Cannot log in”:

The following box will appear:

Enter your email address and follow instructions.

As with any new system some initial technical issues may arise. We are still adjusting some settings and options, once all has been completed we are confident you will find this new system to be a pleasant experience.

Commentator Firelight notes:

For those that register, you can go into the profile tab where it asks for your real name and a nickname. At that point, you can enter your old screen name in the name/nickname lines.

I entered my old screen name in both lines and it is what appears on this site not my username.

Just food for thought to those who are well known by their screen names and want to keep them.

Use this thread for any questions you may have.




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