Left-Wing Mediaite Blog Inaccurately Reports that Governor Palin Claimed that the Libya Intervention Cost “$600 Million A Day” (Updated)

The headline over at Mediaite is “Sarah Palin Claims Libya Intervention Costing Americans $600 Million A Day.”

If this were true, surely Mediaite could produce a quote from Palin saying that “the Libya intervention is costing American taxpayers $600 million a day.” Of course, Frances Martel, the left-wing radical who wrote the blog post at issue, is unable to produce such a quote because Governor Palin never said it.

Here’s what Palin actually said:

Yeah, that’s a good question and that’s the 600 million dollars a day question that is being asked now. Because that is the cost incurred by Americans as we support the no fly zone, which of course the no fly zone intervention or enactment is turning into more than that.

Martel must be too much of an extremist to understand that “$600 million dollars a day question” is just an expression. When she said the “cost incurred by Americans,” she was referring to the “$600 million” that American taxpayers are on the hook for thus far in the intervention. If Palin had really wanted to claim that the intervention was costing us $600 million a day, she would have said “because that is the cost incurred by Americans everyday.” She didn’t say that but that hasn’t stopped the Democrat Party from finding a mistake when one doesn’t exist.

In any event, the difference between $600 million/day and the $600 million we have incurred thus far isn’t significant enough to change how the public perceives the cost of our intervention.

Updated by Stacy: While Mediaite  fixated on Governor Palin’s expression, The Associated Press (believe it or not) ran a blistering Fact Check on Obama’s Libya speech. Not only is it amazing to see AP finally do their job, they (as did Governor Palin) managed to expose the president’s speech for the “dodgy and dubious” words that they were. Check it out here.

( H/T: Nicole)

Update II by Doug: Frances Martel’s penchant for stretching the bounds of credulity well beyond the breaking point is nothing new.  Back in October Governor Palin gave a campaign speech in Florida.  Martel, clearly under the influence of, well, something, claimed the speech was a tribute to George W. Bush.  I’m not making this up


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