Let’s Compare What Governor Palin Said About Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve With What Tim Pawlenty Said About It

Let’s compare how both of them responded unscripted and off-the-cuff to a question about tapping the strategic petroleum reserve:

Palin: That’s not the solution. The solution is to drill here and drill now and the Obama anti-oil agenda has got to be stopped now. He needs to realize that back in ’08, our U.S. crude also was trading at about $100 a barrel, as it is today, for about six months, and that was right before our world economy imploded. And now here we are back again. So his timing – his destructive timing – of locking up 97 percent of our off-shore and not allowing ANWR to be touched, not allowing domestic drilling to take place to the degree that it should, it is terrifying where he is leading us in terms of being at the mercy of foreign regimes that would seek our demise to produce energy for us…

We have these god-given resources here and we have the manpower and we have the ingenuity to be energy independent. Right above our arctic circle, we have 90 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil. We have hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of clean green natural gas. God has provided these for us. It’s our responsibility to responsibly tap into them and use them for mankind and not rely on foreign regimes to do it for us.

Here’s Pawlenty on the same issue:

I think it’s ok to release some of the oil to alleviate some of the pressure, but we need to make sure we have a plan to refill and meet any sort of crisis or emergency military security needs, which is one of the reasons we have the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

He added that the country needs to get into the business of “Americanizing” its energy sources and “unhooking ourselves from the Middle East and other places that are hostile towards us.”

“It’s a Band-Aid solution, it’s not the long term solution,” he said.

Remind me again which potential candidate is the one who provides detailed answers and which potential candidate is the one who speaks in generalities and talking points?

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