Lisa Murkowski: Taxpayers Should be Forced to Fund NPR so that Hunters Can Talk to Each Other or Something

This is hilarious.  As we’re all aware, last week Harry Reid famously decried “mean-spirited” spending cuts in the all-important federal subsidy for cowboy poetry.  This week Reid doubled down, insisting that taxpayers should continue funding NPR so that he can learn about dog racing history or something.  It gets even better, though, as Reid’s lunacy is supported by that paragon of fiscal responsibility, Lisa Murkowski.  Ed Morrissey explains:

Yesterday, Reid teams up with Republican Lisa Murkowski to defend federal spending on NPR.  Why, without that, Reid might never have known the true origins of dog-sled races in Alaska!


That’s no more ridiculous than Murkowski’s insistence that federal money go to NPR to keep up the “mukluk telegraph.”  Even if we take Murkowski’s word that NPR allows hunters to communicate that they returned to camp safely and other nonsense in 2011 (I must be missing those NPR broadcasts), do we need to transfer wealth from Minnesota, Florida, and California to fund those efforts? If Alaska has communications issues — which I doubt, given the prevalence of those newfangled telephone thingies and such — let Alaskans take care of the issue themselves.

How any Republican, even a nominal one like Murky, can support taxpayer subsidies for NPR is inconceivable.  We’ve always known NPR was nothing more than a venue for liberals to disseminate their talking points, even before James O’Keefe’s crew confirmed it on video.  The relationship Democrats have with NPR is not unlike their relationship with public employee unions.  Compulsory union dues are used to finance Democrat campaigns whether the union member is a Democrat or not.  With NPR, compulsory tax dollars are used to promote Democrat causes whether the taxpayer is a Democrat or not.

And yet there are still Republicans who aren’t bright enough to understand this.  Either that or, as in Murky’s case, the  primordial urge to waste taxpayer’s money is so ingrained that even if she was bright enough to understand what NPR is all about (she’s not), she’d vote to waste the money anyway.  In short, she’s from the Bert Stedman school of fiscal responsibility to which so many big spending Alaska legislators who call themselves Republicans belong, never mind that we’re broke .  And to think America is stuck with this loss for six more years.  If only Democrats in Alaska had nominated a viable candidate for Senate. If only Joe Miller had run a better campaign. If only frogs had wings…

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