NY Sun: “Of All the Streams of American Conservatism [Palin’s] is the One that is Most Welcoming to Jewish Americans”/Open Thread (Update)

What’s going on today? Here’s the news:

New York Sun: “Here at home the central point we keep making about Mrs. Palin is that of all the streams of American conservatism hers is the one that is most welcoming to Jewish Americans.”

Republican Jewish Coalition has no quarrel with Sarah Palin:

Long-time RJC director Matt Brooks was pro-active in contacting SarahPac to assure Gov. Palin’s team that Frum’s trouble-making was in no way at the behest of RJC leadership. At the same time, Mr. Brooks included an item in the RJC’s national newsletter praising as “entirely accurate” Gov. Palin’s “harsh criticism” of President Obama’s latest lame statement on Israel – this time in response to Wednesday’s terror-bombing at Jerusalem’s central bus station.

-Here’s a must-read from Alaskans4Palin: Palin and the Media: A Dying Fish or Media Flip-Flop

-The centrist Augusta Chronicle editorial board writes that:

Imus was once drummed off a radio network for a reckless and thoughtless slur toward black women at Rutgers…Nothing of the kind will happen to liberal commentator — or is it “commonhater”? — Bill Maher for his outrageous and profane smear of Sarah Palin. He insinuated that she was a “dumb” woman — but in place of “woman,” he used a vulgar word referring to the female anatomy.

-PalinTV: Ferraro on Palin – Video Compilation

-Greta Van Susteren will be hosting a special tonight at 10 PM EST for Geraldine Ferraro.

It looks like “cudaforever” has the best chance of winning the the Barracuda Bracket Challenge. How have you done with your brackets?

Update: Governor Brewer left the following message on Governor Palin’s Facebook page:

We want our border secure! The National Guard troops that were added last summer along the southwestern U.S. border have made a difference. It’s inexcusable and inexplicable that all the troops will be withdrawn by June. Will you please sign my petition supporting Arizona and SB1070 at www.SB1070petition.com and then share the petition with your friends? Thanks for your support!

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