Rush Limbaugh on Governor Palin’s Electability/Open Thread

What’s going on today? Here’s the news:

She tweets about Obama’s energy policy. She wants you to check out this poll about ANWR.

Courtesy of the Right Scoop, here’s Rush Limbaugh on Governor Palin.

Here’s more from Rush on the Governor.

Her speech at Liberty University “will be simulcast to 1,000 churches around the country.”

The day Sarah Palin kneecapped feminism

New Jerseyans’ opinion of Gov. Chris Christie has dropped 10 points since December

Steven Hayward from National Review writes:

Good for Sarah! Hugh Hewitt has been attacking this early GOP debate for months, not simply because it is arguably too early, but because it is being sponsored by unsympathetic MSM types. More GOP contenders should arrange schedule conflicts for that date, so that only a portion of the field turns up.

I’ll go ahead and predict that Tim Pawlenty will also not be at the Politico/NBC debate. Pawlenty probably knows that Santorum would run circles around him and he cannot afford to be humiliated by Santorum. Nearly everyone has conceded that Pawlenty completely bombed last night.

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