Schmitz: Kathy Griffin’s GAY-TM Machine vs. Sarah Palin

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Kathy Griffin doesn’t speak for all of Hollywood when it comes to Governor Palin. Thomas S. Schmitz shares how even those behind the creative scenes of the entertainment industry are clearly ready for a real leader:

Hollywood is known for it’s irony and hypocrisy. Tuesday evening March 15, 2011 was no exception.

At the exact same time that Kathy Griffin (the 50 year old adult bully & has-been comedienne) was guest starring in an episode of Glee; a political group hosted a meet up at West Hollywood lounge O-BAR.

What’s the connection? Well…let’s take a look. We’ll start with the useful idiot Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin patronizingly blabs to anyone who will listen that, “I love The gays“, “The gays this” “The gays that“, “Oh I love The gays” blah blah blah…

The reason I say patronizing is because this last ditch career tactic is nothing new. Aging actresses in Hollywood have reached out to the gays for years. Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, Phyllis Diller, Judy Garland, and now the 50 year old Kathy Griffin have all engaged in the same Hollywood scam. As the years go by and a career declines and deteriorates; an actress suddenly discovers her love for the gays.

A sagging comedienne’s career gets a sudden boost of enthusiasm and money as soon as she insincerely declares her love for the gays. Everyone in Hollywood knows this. Yet the reliable GAY-TM machine falls for it every time. Hook, line, and (sparkly) sinker.

I love The gays” CA-CHING! (Now I can buy a new lamp)

My gays need me to protect them” CA-CHING! (Now I can get those fabulous new Christian Louboutins)

I am donating lots of money to The gays” CA-CHING! CA-CHING! CA-CHING! (This is the best one of all because now I can write off thousands & thousands of dollars in taxes, just like Oprah!)

What makes Kathy Griffin’s looting of the GAY-TM machine extra insulting was last night’s appearance on the hit show Glee. The 50 year old adult bully and has-been comedienne played: Tammy Jean Albertson a “Sarah Palin type Tea Party Candidate”.

Tammy Jean is an “anti-gay” home schooling Mom and former Tea Party candidate. The character as written was unfunny, uncreative, and intentionally insulting to real life multi-tasking, hardworking Home School Moms (this is Women’s Month, isn’t it? Nice job, KG!).

Meanwhile on Santa Monica Blvd…GOProud‘s Co-founder and Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia invited some Los Angeles conservatives to a Meet-up hosted by GOProud:

(GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies. GOProud is committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy. GOProud promotes our traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level.)

As the Los Angeles City & County Coordinator for Organize4Palin (O4P) I loaded up my goody bag with various O4P hand-outs, cards, & buttons and headed over to O-BAR for the Mixer.

Nobody was buying into Kathy Griffin’s anti-Sarah Palin bullying.

In fact. I found quite the opposite.

I found that Americans are getting tired of the left’s game of identity politics. Aren’t you tired of the left trying to put you in a box?

I found that Sarah Palin supporters consider themselves to be AMERICANS FIRST.

It’s time to free ourselves from the top down one size fits all Big Government Bullies.

Let’s all pledge to reject the boxes that the left (with help from useful idiots Kathy Griffin) shove us into: the black box, the gay box, the Hispanic box, the Asian box, the gender box.

Hey Kathy, hey Obama, “One size does NOT fit all, take your identity politics and…..

We are proud, hardworking Americans. We refuse to be thought of as bribable voting blocks any longer.

We will no longer surrender our rights so that Busy Bodies in Washington DC (often endorsed by Hollywood) can take more of our money and tell us how to run our lives.

Talking with these guys in West Hollywood last night I kept hearing the same thing. “I voted for Change, and now all I have left is…Change“.

Trust me, confiscating the accomplishments of some of West Hollywood’s most productive members is not going unnoticed during Obama’s Golden Age of Hope & Change.

Discrimination by taxation is alive and well.

West Hollywood is home to some of the most creative and innovative people in the country.

During this impromptu Tea Party I had the pleasure of meeting some of them.

Last night while Kathy Griffin was busy insulting women, insulting Home School Moms, insulting Sarah Palin, and insulting the Tea Party; we were busy being productive actually having a Tea Party and trying to figure out how to save America from Obama.

Check out this video. It’s from Bravo TV’s: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. In this clip, Host Andy Cohen reveals to guest Kathy Griffin the results of a poll. The poll is: Whose Side Are You On? Kathy? or Sarah

Can you guess the results?

Let’s put it this way. By my calculations, the score is PALIN-2 GRIFFIN-O

Duh, winning…

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