Steve Forbes Hammers Obama Energy Policy as Carteresque

Steve Forbes has penned an excellent editorial in today’s Politico. In his piece, Forbes makes many of the points Governor Palin has been making on the necessity of a realistic approach to energy independence since her emergence on the national stage. Excerpts follow:

You need to watch only a few minutes of cable news analysis to realize just how ludicrous our national energy policies have become. As escalating tensions and chaos unfold in Egypt, Libya and other Middle Eastern nations, one energy analyst suggested that if Libyan oil supplies were to fail, the United States would rely on Saudi Arabia for its oil needs. If that statement alone doesn’t put U.S. leaders on red alert, the looming national energy crisis may soon become reality.

The Obama administration is repeating the mistakes of President Jimmy Carter’s failed energy policies, which marred his term and stigmatized the 1970s. They are leading us straight into another national energy disaster.


Unfortunately, this administration’s Department of the Interior, with the most anti-oil-and-gas record in U.S. history, is sabotaging any real chance of avoiding the pending energy crisis because of its continued hold on deepwater drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico.


After the moratorium was nominally lifted last fall, the blow dealt by Interior’s subsequent permit freeze has been devastating. Not a single deepwater drilling permit has been issued since last year’s tragic oil spill. Unfortunately, there’s no relief in sight, given Salazar’s recent admission that he has no intention of issuing any drilling leases this year.


The Energy Department estimates that U.S. energy needs are 17 times greater than they were 50 years ago. Yet U.S. output of domestic energy has fallen 40 percent over the same period.

The Department of the Interior can and must steer us clear of the impending energy crisis by issuing the deepwater drilling permits our nation needs to get running again. As much as the White House and its allies in Congress convince themselves otherwise, politically palatable forms of alternative energy will not keep our cars running and our population fed, now or in the near future.

While they may become more viable down the line, wind, solar and other forms of clean energy are barely a blip on the radar, contributing a mere 7 percent to U.S. energy supply. These forms of energy are unreliable and expensive at best and rely on taxpayer subsidies.

Read the entire piece here. Forbes, whom Governor Palin supported for president in 2000, is absolutely right.  I have argued many times that Governor Palin’s well-known all-of-the-above approach to energy places her in a perfect position to capitalize on Obama’s “Carteresque” incompetence on this crucial issue should she run in 2012. Every day Obama dithers on energy, Americans suffer and Governor Palin’s wisdom on this issue becomes clearer. And morons like the Politico’s Jonathan Martin, who think Obama is unbeatable in 2012, have no idea how quickly $5 or higher gasoline focuses the mind…and destroys the economy.

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