Susanna Kim | The ‘Sarah Palin Effect’

Susanna Kim | The Sarah Palin Effect

As the key household decision makers, women are increasingly the target of marketing efforts from the food, clothing and health industries. The gun and hunting industry, formerly a man’s domain, is no longer the exception.

More women than men took up hunting in the United States in 2009, according to the National Sporting Goods Association. Total hunters in the United States decreased by .05 percent, but the number of female hunters increased 5.4 percent, which led to 163,000 new hunters.


When asked if the growing visibility of Sarah Palin and her enthusiasm for hunting is a factor in the sport’s growing popularity, Rhodes said she and other women can relate to Palin because, like the former governor, they have been hunting since childhood. A self-proclaimed “rancher’s daughter” from Texas, Rhodes received her first BB gun at the age of four.


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