The Betfair Contrarian | Why Sarah Palin Will Win the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

The Betfair Contrarian | Why Sarah Palin Will Win the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

The Contrarian has proven in the past that he’s even more adept at making money out of politics than an expense-fiddling MP, his latest triumph coming when opposing David Miliband at 1.43 in last year’s Labour leadership battle. He’s spotted another big opportunity – backing Sarah Palin to be the Republican candidate for the 2012 election at the huge price of 10.0. Wondering why you should put your money on someone with as many critics as fans? Let the Contrarian explain…


Palin is the antithesis of Obama

Obama’s landslide surge to the White House and subsequent rather flat performance has left the electorate underwhelmed, and opened the door for the Republicans’ unprecedented mid-term gains, for which Palin earned much credit. Their 2012 campaign will focus on Obama’s shortcomings and promote an alternative, and there’s nobody better suited to that role than Palin, who has been on his case at every setback of his tenure. She also has the invaluable experience of having been a key player in the team that opposed him last time. That defeat will have been hugely educational, much as Richard Nixon benefitted from the lessons of his 1960 loss to JFK to see off George McGovern by record-breaking margins in 1972.

Allegations of widespread unpopularity are unproven

Palin constantly complains about biased reporting from what she labels the “lamestream media” and her supporters are adamant that the press portrayal of her as widely disliked is inaccurate. There could well be substance to that theory, with a national poll at the time of the last election showing that just 19.6 per cent of citizens trust most news media reporting. Evidence of this is her daughter Bristol’s showing in the 2010 series of Dancing With the Stars, in which she exceeded expectations to finish third, surviving on five separate occasions despite registering the lowest score, progress that was credited to many Americans warming to Palin senior and therefore voting for the daughter.


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