Tim Crawford: No Decision On Base For Palin Campaign

Earlier today Ben Smith at Politico reported the following:

I’m told Palin’s camp is, at least, holding preliminary talks about how a campaign would look if she decides to run. One early decision, a source says: It would be based in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Bristol Palin recently bought a house.


Palin aides didn’t respond to an inquiry about the plans.

When the story broke, the editors of this site were discussing whether we should post it or not. On the one hand it was good news as this was another sign that Governor Palin will be a candidate for president in 2012. On the other hand there were no concrete facts. We made the decision not to rely on anonymous sources.

Smith heard a rumor, he tried to verify it by contacting the Palin camp. Palin aids didn’t respond, so Ben decided; “hey what the heck I’ll run it anyway”.

Turns out we were right. Ben got himself some egg on his face all the way from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Smith just updated the post with the following:

UPDATE: SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford emails, “There has been no decision about where a campaign would be based.”

Ben Smith, who has a history of making things up, relies on the obligatory anonymous source. Maybe it’s time Politico learn a thing or two from us; when you don’t have the facts, as exciting as the news is, you just don’t run with it.

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