Tucker Carlson Exposes His Own Sexism on Twitter (Updated)

Tucker Carlson has done some good work in the past… His site, The Daily Caller, is a frequent stop of mine and many other Conservatives. They were responsible for exposing the Journolist scandal, which highlighted the planning and coordination of many members of the left-wing press. I will always be grateful to Tucker’s team for bringing that story to light. This is also why I am so angered by Tucker’s recent actions. I thought he was better than this.

If you haven’t heard by now, Monday evening, Tucker Carlson posted a disturbing tweet about Governor Palin which said:

Palin’s popularity falling in Iowa, but maintains lead to become supreme commander of Milfistan

Aside from Tucker’s sheep-like response to warped poll numbers, he also failed to take ownership of his sexist comment. He deleted the original (which is why I had to link to a retweet) obviously aware that what he had posted was wrong. Unfortunately for him, many people had already seen it and responded. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, Tucker.

Is this the sort of treatment that Conservative women, who want to get involved in the process, are expected to put up with? Is it okay for male columnists (Conservative or otherwise) to continue objectifying women in the world of politics? No it’s not!

The best thing Tucker Carlson could do, is admit that what he tweeted was wrong, apologize to Governor Palin, and urge his fellow colleagues to be respectful with their language and written word. What he did was demeaning and offensive, and there is no place for it in Conservative circles.

Update: This is a poor attempt at an apology. Tucker Carlson tries to cover his tracks this morning by repeating the same mistakes he made last night. He wrote:

Apparently Charlie Sheen got control of my Twitter account last night while I was at dinner. Apologies for his behavior.

He didn’t take responsibility for his comment and he fails horribly at humor. Try again, and Tucker… you’re not funny.

Update II: Almost a day later, he finally apologizes:

I’m sorry for last night’s tweet. I meant absolutely no offense. Not the first dumb thing I’ve said. Hopefully the last.

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