Unfinished Business: Why Governor Palin Will Mop the Floor With the GOP, Then Wax Obama

It’s time for basketball “Madness” and we all know the story of how Governor Palin’s small town Lady Warriors came back from defeat in the state championship in 1981, to win it all in 1982 with a senior point guard nicknamed “Barracuda” leading the charge against a heavily favored team from Anchorage.

Sure, it’s just “sports” but even back then, Governor Palin showed she is wired for payback. She wasn’t going to let an opportunity slip away. The governor has said on more than one occasion that winning the state championship taught her some of the most valuable lessons in her life, lessons about perseverance, teamwork, and competition.

She played hurt in that final game, nursing an undiagnosed stress fracture in her ankle. She was not willing to sit on the sidelines at a critical moment for her team. At crunch time, her team was able to count on her to do whatever it took to win, something to consider now as many on our side are worried Palin won’t run for president. She may be “wounded” with bad polls, and phony media nontroversies, but all of the “pain” won’t matter once she decides to take the ball up the court and pound it into the paint with her trademark tenacity, relying on her teammates “us” to make wide open shots. She will doggedly harass opponents, preventing them from scoring.

I have no inside information about Palin’s intentions to run, just a gut feeling after following her for the last 30 months. For Palin, losing is unacceptable. She lost in her run for lieutenant governor in 2002, and came back strong in 2006 to take the governorship over a GOP incumbent, and a former two-term Democrat governor. In Going Rogue, she recounts talking to a friend about the unsuccessful bid for Lt. Governor, and the friend believing that Sarah was “meant for better” things. History proved that instead of breaking her, the loss only steeled her resolve. I believe the loss in her run for VP did the same thing.

Palin sees obstacles not as something to fear, but almost as irresistible challenges. She overcame her fear of heights to scale the base of Denali in Sarah Palin’s Alaska last summer, and I believe she will take on the challenge of running for the highest office in the land after losing out on her VP bid.

And why wouldn’t she? Consider what is at stake from her perspective (in addition to saving the country):

– A chance to reclaim her professional reputation that was shredded by a corrupt media.

– A chance to become the first woman ever nominated from a major party.

– A chance to directly confront Obama over his foolish and destructive policies, while delivering a fatal blow to the GOP blowhards in the process.

Few experiences are so painful or as instructive as losing. Behavioral psychologists tell us there is more pain to the human psyche in losing than enjoyment in winning. I know a little about that, having lost in the state championship game my senior year in high school as a small forward on the girls basketball team. What we wouldn’t have given, the seniors, to have had one more shot at the title. It broke our hearts to leave school without that title.

Governor Palin has a second chance to come out victorious — with all the wisdom gained from that general election experience. And unlike so many in the Republican field, Governor Palin plays to win … not simply to “avoid losing.” She showed this in 2008 when she defied political correctness to directly attack “The Annointed One.” Once again, she won’t be intimidated by the media, by Obama’s paid flaks, or Hollywood bobbleheads. And this time around, Obama will have to defend his record with Palin in his face full-time. It will be classic.

I played a lot of basketball, and I’ve watched a lot of basketball. The game nearly always goes to the team that outhustles and outworks its opponents. Palin has already shown the talent to be in the game. And no one will outwork Sarah Palin on the campaign trail. Moreover, no one is gonna outhustle Palin’s teammates, us.

Ari Fleischer et al would do well to remember the crowds Governor Palin drew on the campaign trail in 2008: 60,000 to the Villages in Florida, 20,000 to a rally in Fairfax, Va. Do they really think that THESE folks won’t be back to the Palin rallies especially with Sarah at the TOP of the ticket this time around and Obama being fully exposed as a terrible president? Where precisely are they gonna go? With more than a year to set the record straight, she may even win over even some of her more ardent critics.

I’ll leave the poll analysis and the predictions to others … I look at these videos below and see a fearless “underclassman” who in 2008 was just getting warmed up. In 2012, the seasoned Palin and her still devoted supporters will finally savor the victory.


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