Why The Establishment Doesn’t Want Palin To Run

For years they have been telling us that she’s unqualified, uneducated, and doesn’t have a handle on the issues; that she’s dumb, she’s stupid, and she cant read. Never mind the fact that they can’t point to even one issue or topic that they would have wanted her to weigh in on that she hasn’t. They can’t, because in the past two years Governor Palin has weighed in on every issue facing the nation and the world, more so than any other potential 2012 candidate. Her weighing in on these issues has actually affected the national debate and, in many cases, affected the outcome.

But that’s not good enough for them. They want more, though what exactly that means is anyone’s guess.  Like children, they want the cookie that doesn’t exist. Out of thin air, they’ve created the narrative that she’s stupid, and so it must be.

And the establishment said, let her be stupid: and she was stupid.

And the establishment saw the stupidity, and it was good, so they separated the stupidity from the substance.

And the establishment called the stupidity “Palin”, and the substance they called irrelevant.

Which raises the question: if they really believe she is as stupid and uneducated as they suggest, why not let her run and make a fool of herself? If she’s that dumb, then her stupidity will be on full display during the primaries and the “smart” guy they support will inevitably outsmart and defeat her. Why, then, do they care if she runs? On the contrary, if she runs and makes a fool of herself it will vindicate their argument that she’s in fact uneducated and unfit for office.

The answer, of course, is because they know that she’s really not what they portray her to be, and when the campaign begins in earnest and Governor Palin takes her message directly to the voters, everything the establishment has been saying about her will be brought into question, and it won’t be Governor Palin who’s looked upon as stupid.

We don’t have to go too far to find clear evidence that when Governor Palin goes directly to the people they like what they see and hear, in contrast to what they see and read in the media. As NaplesNews reported of her speech in Naples yesterday:

Bonita Springs resident Terry Major said she thought the event was interesting, particularly as a way to compare Palin to her portrayal in the media. Major said she enjoyed the lecture and was pleased to see the real Palin.

“I was impressed,” she said.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume that they really do believe she’s dumb. So why do they care if she runs? The answer is simple.

The media, the left and the establishment gurus have been pushing the narrative that she won’t run because she’s in it for money and fame. The moment she announces that entire narrative loses its credence. On the contrary, because they kept on pushing that narrative, as soon as Governor Palin announces, by their own admission, she will be sacrificing it all to serve her country. Once this narrative goes down the tube, the media and Washington establishment lose what little credibility they had left. And it won’t stop there.  It’ll take all the other narratives down with it, and that’s what they really fear.  It will expose them as the know-nothings they are, and that’s not acceptable.  They don’t want her to run because they know she’ll win if she does, and then bring their entire house of cards down.

She must be stopped at all costs.

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