Earthquake Hits Washington, D.C.

Guest Submission by: Angelocracy Xue

An earthquake  hit Washington D.C. last year. It was in July and on a Friday.  Now it has happened again. I did not hear about it on the news but there  must have been one. It’s the only why to explain why the Republican Party caved in .

I was not expecting much, but I thought they would put up some sort of fight. John Boehner and his pals are just weak. Doing their job , doing what is right is not number one with them. It’s all about politics. They were afraid of how they might look in the media if there was a government shutdown. They can talk a good game. But when it’s time to make tough decisions ,when it time to truly stand for what you believe in, they will fold like a cheap suit. If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Just shut the heck up and go home.

Sarah Palin is the only one we can count on. She is strong like a diamond.  She always stands for what she believes in. She has never caved in. Sarah Palin can stand the heat in the kitchen. She does not care about how she looks in the media.  They attack her 24 / 7 in the media. If you love her or hate her, you have to admit  she does not back down. The media went after her with a vengeance after the Tucson shooting. She did not back down. The next thing she did was to give a speech at a NRA meeting. She can not be broken.

John Boehner says in the coming weeks they are going to get tough on the budget. If you believe that, “I have prime swampland in Florida to sell you”.
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