Even Left-Wing Taegan Goddard Concedes that “Palin Book Sales [Have] Spike[d]”/Open Thread

My prediction that the Grizzlies will take the Spurs to seven games looks pretty good. Here’s the news:

-Bush flack John Ellis concedes the following:

Sarah Palin got her groove back today with a withering attack on the House Republicans for caving completely in budget negotiations with the White House and Democrats in the Senate…Ms. Palin’s views on the FY 2011 budget deal are widely shared by conservatives all across the country. Her speech today was her best in a very long time.

Palin book sales spike

-“In one sentence, Palin did more to advance the cause of women in politics than all the Women’s Studies Ph.D’s in all the universities in this country combined.”

Sarah Palin Goes Where The Battle Is

-Palin in Madison: Veni Vidi Vici. Stacy has more on Pethokoukis’s article later.

-Kelsey has pictures of what’s on the Governor’s binder.

-Kelsey also says that “this meme that CBS tried to push that union members were surrounding smaller groups of Tea Partiers is laughable.”

-John Ziegler is absolutely right as to who’s responsible for Donald Trump’s rise in the polls:

The most stunning example of this phenomenon was when Sean Hannity gave most of two episodes of his Fox News show this week to his “Trump Interview.” The conservative talk show host sat on his hands and watched (no doubt distracted by thoughts of how good his ratings would be those nights without having to do much work at all) as Trump made numerous statements that would have caused someone who truly cares about who will be the Republican presidential nominee to immediately take Trump down. Instead, I have no doubt that Trump, now armed with a seal of at least “no disapproval” from a rock star like Hannity, will continue to rise in the same opinion polls he is already routinely leading.

Andrew Breitbart tweets that his “goal is to intro David Mamet & other prominent @SarahPalinUSA supporters to Palins. In Hollywood there are tons.”

What else is going on today?

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