From 60’s Radical to Palinista

Guest Submission by: Dominic D. Salvatori, Esquire

So how does one go from a long-haired, capitalist hating, anti-war protestor to an all-in, crawl through broken glass, Sarah Palin supporter?

The cynic might say that getting married, getting a mortgage, and having kids converts you pretty quick. To quote my high school history teacher and basketball coach (one of the best ever I might add) the late Ed McGuire – “if you’re under 30 and not a liberal you have no heart; if you’re over 30 and not a conservative you have no brain” (actually quoting Winston Churchill, and it was 20 and 40 respectively, but I learned that only later). And then there’s the fact that I was cursed by my father’s baldness very quickly in life and couldn’t grow my hair long now if I wanted to.

However, upon closer inspection, it’s not that much of a reach. Let us examine the characteristics and values of the typical ‘60s “radical” and our current “Palinistas.” The 60s were all about “freedom.” The true heirs of the 60s (which I submit we Palinistas are) remain true to that heritage. But we recognize that “freedom” is not free, and comes with responsibility.

Many opposed the war in Vietnam (after initially supporting) because we were not “in it to win it.” From there, it was an easy stretch to be duped (willingly, but duped) by the Marxists and Trotskyites who hi-jacked the anti-war movement and turned it from a desire to live up to our American ideals into something more sinister. The chant was “out now;” not too far from “any doubt, get out.” (For the more cynical among you, I was too young to be subject to the draft, so that was not my motivating factor).

Now, of course, with the benefit of hindsight, we realize that the Viet Cong and NVA were murderous monsters. We also understand that Vietnam was a hot battle in the Cold War. We lost the battle, but it was instrumental in winning the war, by demonstrating to the Communists that we would stand for freedom anywhere and everywhere.

We also opposed the war because the government – Democrats and Republicans – had lied to us. The anti-war movement was really about not trusting the government. Sound familiar?

Then there was the civil rights movement.

At the outset, it was all about freedom, dignity, and building a color-blind society. Only later did it devolve into an entitlement mentality.

Today we have a new civil rights movement – the fight to protect the most vulnerable in society – the unborn. This is THE civil rights issue of the 21st century. Now some of us may have initially supported a woman’s right to “choose” misguidedly, thinking that we were supporting civil “rights.” Thanks to scientific advances, we now know that life begins at conception and that just like Dred Scott, the unborn are “persons” entitled to protection under the Constitution.

The true heirs of the ‘60s reject the usurpation of those ideals by the radical left. Freedom is not the right to kill the child in the womb. Freedom is not the right of the government to control what we drive, what we eat, what we produce. Freedom is not “kinetic military actions” (Good Lord, if LBJ had used such a phrase we would have gone berserk).

Freedom is less taxes, not more. Freedom is not burdening our children with insufferable and unsustainable debt. Freedom is using our God-given natural resources in a responsible way. “Burn baby burn” gives way to “drill, baby, drill.” Freedom is giving those who fight for it on our behalf all it takes to get the job done.

We opposed the Vietnam War, segregation, discrimination, sexism, poverty not because we hated America – but because America IS an exceptional country, because America is that “shining city on a hill,” that “last best hope for mankind.”

It is the radical left, now unfortunately in control of much of our government, that has turned its back on the those ideals of freedom. Now we have a chance to come full circle. Now we realize that the poor can only be lifted up by a prosperous, free-market, pro-growth economy, not government handouts. Feminism is not about hating men, and killing our children in the womb. It is about every person, regardless of sex, having a chance to fully participate in the American dream. Likewise, skin color does not matter. If a black man can achieve the Presidency, why not a woman?

We have chance to restore freedom, to restore common sense, to be truly “radical.”

When we get the word we will storm Iowa, and New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The anti-war marches on Washington will pale in comparison.

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