Governor Palin Said That “The Only Future that Barack Obama is Trying to Win is His Own Re-Election” In Madison Without a Teleprompter

Courtesy of PalinTV.

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Here’s some of what Governor Palin had to say about the Obama presidency in Madison, Wisconsin without a teleprompter delivering her remarks to her word for word:

Palin: Candidate Obama promised that he would be fiscally responsible. He promised to cut the deficit in half but President Obama tripled it. Candidate Obama promised that fiscal responsibility but President Obama flushed a trillion dollars down the drain on a useless stimulus package and then he bragged about the jobs he created in congressional districts that don’t even exist…..

The only thing that trillion-dollar travesty stimulated was a debt crisis and a tea party. Now, the left’s irresponsible and radical policies awakened a sleeping America that we understood finally what it was that we were about to lose. We were about to lose the blessings of liberty and prosperity. They caused the working men and women of this country to get up off their sofas, to come down from the deer stand, get out of the duck bind, and hit the streets, come to the townhalls, and finally the ballot box. And Tea party Americans won an electoral victory of historic proportions last November. We the people, we rose up and we decisively rejected the left’s big government agenda. We don’t want it, we cannot afford it, and we’re unwilling to pay for it….

Less than 90 days after the election, in his state of the union address, President Obama told us “nah, the era of big government is here to stay and we’re going to pay for it whether we want to or not.” Instead of reducing spending, they’re going to win the future by investing more of your hard-earned money in some cockamamie, hare-brained ideas like more solar shingles, more really fast trains, some things that venture capitalists will tell you are non-starters. We’re flat broke but he thinks these solar shingles and really fast trains will magically save us. So now he’s shouting “all aboard” his bullet train to bankruptcy…

He demonized the voices of responsibility with class warfare and with fear-mongering. And I say personally to our President, hey parent to parent, Barack Obama, for shame for you to suggest that the heart of the common-sense conservative movement would do anything to harm our esteemed elders, to harm our children with down syndrome, to harm those who are most in need. No, see in our book, you prioritize appropriately and those who need the help will get the help. The only way we do that is to be wise and prudent and to budget according to the right priorities.

No, our President isn’t leading. He’s punting on this debt crisis. The only future that Barack Obama is trying to win is his own re-election. He’s willing to mortgage your children’s future to ensure his own and that is not the audacity of hope. That’s cynicism. Piling more debt onto our children and our grandchildren, it’s not courage. No, that’s cowardice.

But did you notice when he gave that polarizing speech last week, there was a little gem in the speech? Maybe you missed it, but he spoke about the social contract and the social compact. Well, Mr. President, the most basic tenet of the social compact is adhering to the consent of the governed. That would be “we the people.”

President Obama, you do not have our consent. You didn’t have it in November and you certainly don’t have it now. You willfully ignored the will of the American people. You ignored it when you rammed through Obamacare. You ignored it when you drove up the debt to 14.5 trillion dollars. You ignored it when you misrepresented your deficit spending. You ignored it when you proposed massive tax increases on the middle class and on our job creators. You ignored it when you went to bat for government-funded abortions and yet you threw our brave men and women in uniform under the bus Mr. Commander in Chief. You ignored it when you got us into a third war for fuzzy and inconsistent reasons, a third war that we cannot afford. You ignore it when you apologize for America while you bow and kowtow to our enemies and you snub our allies like Israel. And you ignore it when you manipulate the US oil supply. You cut off oil development here and hypocritically praise foreign countries for their drilling. And when hard working families are hit with four and five dollar a gallon gas and your skyrocketing energy and food prices as you set out to fundamentally transform America, you ignore our concerns and you tell us we just better get used to it.

Mr. Obama, Mr. President, you and your cohorts threw all the hatred and all the violence that you could at the good folks here in Madison, Wisconsin but you lost here. And Madison, you defended that 2010 electoral mandate. You are heroes. You are patriots and when the history of this Tea Party movement is written, what you accomplished here will not be forgotten. Your historic stand brought down the curtain on the last election and the 2012 election begins here. We will take the courage and the integrity that you showed all of America, we will take it and we will win back our country.

God has shed his grace on thee America. We will not squander what we have. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. It starts here. It starts now. What better place than the state that hosts the Super Bowl champs to call out the liberal left and let them know, “Mr. President, game on.”

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