Governor Palin: “Raising the Debt Limit Just Shows You That There Really Is No True Limit To The Debt that Our Politicians are Willing to Incur”

While her comments about Donald Trump are getting a lot of attention, here is a transcript of what she said about other topics last night in her interview with Jeanne Pirro:

Whether the Tea Party should be happy about the budget compromise

Well, what the tea party wants is for government to be smaller and smarter. So, you know, when you consider that we just saw an increase in government spending by about 28% and saw a little chip out of that to the tune of 1%, I would say that no, the tea party and Americans in general who are concerned about the fiscal health of our country did not get what they wanted. We have a lot of work to do to help educate Congress when it comes to the expectations that we have when we send our politicians to DC to do the job of making sure that our country is solvent.

Obama’s threat to veto troop funding

What the President did as commander in chief is use our troops as pawns in a political game and it was appalling. I think it was an atrocious act of the commander in chief to basically use our troops as this leverage and yet he wouldn’t go to bat for them to make sure that even if government was slowed down or partially shut down for a temporary number of days that our troops would still be funded. When he vowed to veto the bill that would allow our troops to be funded, I think that told most Americans everything that we need to know about where our commander-in-chief stands when it comes to political games being played with our troops.

Whether there would be an economic collapse if the debt ceiling isn’t raised

No. Remember our government takes in about 6 billion dollars a day and there does not have to be an economic collapse or a shutdown of government just because the fiscal conservatives decide not to change the goal posts again, to move them again, and raise the debt limit or the debt ceiling. Raising the debt limit just shows you that there really is no true limit to the debt that our politicians are willing to incur. They’re going to keep digging, and digging, and digging this hole that we are in until Americans tell them to stop and to get us off this road towards bankruptcy. The only way we do that is to draw a line in the sand and we say “no, we’re not going to increase this debt limit. No more.”

Paul Ryan’s roadmap and whether everything should be on the table for cuts

Everything is fair game. Nothing should be off-we can’t afford to take anything off the table. We have to make sure that national defense is fully funded. That’s #1. And from there, put everything on the table and make some good choices and good priorities in where the dollars should go. But remember Judge again, we’re bringing in 6 billion dollars a day. Out of that 6 billion dollars, if we service our debt, if we fund national security and constitutionally mandated services – just the essentials – we do that first and then there doesn’t have to be a shut down just because politicians are claiming that there would be a shut down if we don’t increase the debt limit.

As for Representative Ryan’s proposal, his roadmap, it’s good. It’s a great start. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really dig into the debt and get our arms around it or stop the deficit spending practice that we’ve become unfortunately accustomed to for still a long time down the road. But it’s a great start. He showed a lot of courage and you know, he’s spending some political capital in proposing it. I support it. I’m glad that he’s going to do it. I just wish we could be more aggressive and do this quicker because if not, we’re going to be beholden to other countries who will own us. They will own our debt. We will be less free. We will be less secure. At least Representative Ryan’s proposal gets us on the right track towards the solvency.

Whether putting social security on the table is too drastic

Absolutely not. It’s necessary. It’s like a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme right now. There are going to be fewer payers paying into the system than there are recipients. Something has got to change. So, we can’t just say that social security is that third rail of politics that can’t be touched. No, that and Medicaid, Medicare, all the entitlement programs, and of course the discretionary spending, all of that has to be on the table. Otherwise, there will be no social security net. There will be no Medicaid or Medicare or anything else. There will be no entitlement program because our country will be underwater. We will be bankrupt. We will be beholden to and owned by other countries if we don’t put everything on the table.

The idea of taking over oil fields in Iraq as compensation for liberating the country

Well, I do think that Iraq and that other countries that we do assist in trying to stabilize them, I think that they should be compensating the US especially when they have resources they could be sharing. But that’s a whole other story. I think that part of the Donald’s drive there is to see that America starts having some supplies of energy that we can count on and I would much rather be digging up here in Alaska for our resources, drilling in ANWR, drilling offshore, drilling in any of the 97% of the coastal area that our President has shut off as he manipulates the US oil supply and harms our economy. I would much rather be seeing some domestic supplies being exploited responsibly for our own use.

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