Governor Palin Tells Hannity That “We Cannot Provide Another Tool for the Liberals To Just Incur More Debt and That’s What Raising the Debt Ceiling Is Going to Allow Again” (Update)

Update: Here’s Governor Palin on the budget and the debt ceiling:

Palin: Well first they need to acknowledge that really even a $100 billion cut, down to $61 billion, down to $38 billion, down to really less than $1 billion, that’s not even a cut. We need to remember that this year’s budget is more than last year’s budget. We are still at record-smashing levels of spending other people’s money in the federal government. So, nothing is being cut. We’re taking back a little bit of what Obama is requesting in terms of government growth but it still isn’t a cut. So, the GOP needs to first acknowledge that and then be so committed, so committed to telling Obama “no, the 2010 election was a mandate.” Tea Party Americans are the ones who led that mandate where no, things were not going to be done the same way as they had been done in the past. And now we enter a new ring and in that new ring comes the fight for the debt ceiling. And there needs to be an understanding in the GOP leadership that we cannot provide another tool for the liberals to just incur more debt and that’s what raising the debt ceiling is going to allow again.

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