Governor Palin to President Obama in WI: Game on!

A blizzard awaited Governor Palin as she arrived at the Wisconsin Tea Party Rally today, which I just finished watching via livestream. She delivered her speech in weather that made icicles out of the WI attendees, but she was certainly in her element and obviously felt right at home. She wasn’t the least bit distracted by cold conditions, and her speech certainly showed no signs of frostbite: As I tweeted:

There may be a blizzard in Wisconsin, but Gov. Palin is fired up! #palin

I have heard the Governor speak many times–both in person and on television and the internet. However, I have never heard her as fired up as she was today. She was bold, courageous, and clear on the direction America is going and the need to right the ship.

She directed the last part of her speech to President Obama himself, and she held back absolutely nothing. Granted, it may have been unofficial, and it’s just one woman’s opinon, but everything in me tells me that she made her 2012 intentions loud and clear at the end of her speech. She said, with a fire in her belly:

The 2012 election begins here. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. President, game on!”

And she left the stage. I believe you get the picture.

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