Governor Palin: “We Cannot Afford to be Engaged in Any of These Military Interventions Unless America’s Interests Are Being Challenged”

Here’s what the Governor told Democrat Greta Van Susteren about Libya and foreign policy:

Palin: He’s been extremely inconsistent in the reasons given for our involvement in Libya. First it was “well, Gaddafi has got to go. He’s an evil dictator killing his own people” and a lot of us stood by the President and said “yeah, we agree then. He’s got to go. So let’s make sure we’re participating in the no-fly zone and make sure that NATO is equipped, that we’re participating there so that he can’t continue an aerial slaughter.”

And then we’re told though “no, it’s not our job to tell the Libyan people who their leader should be. It’s not our job to oust Gaddafi.” So right there is that inconsistency that breeds uncertainty, which breeds a whole lot of other problems and leads to Americans wanting answers from our Commander-in-chief: what are we doing in Libya?

And why Libya and not Syria, which as I said, is a bloodbath today and Syria is getting ready to hook up with Iran, which is our ally Israel’s greatest threat. Why aren’t we intervening in Syria then? Why not Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, some of these other areas?

Bottom line Greta is we cannot afford to be engaged in any of these military interventions unless America’s interests are being challenged. And we need to hear from our President: what is our interest there in Libya.

Well, you know, to whom much is given, much is required. America is such a blessed and prosperous nation and we are that beacon of hope for those who seek freedom. So yes, I believe it is our responsibility to help freedom fighters who do seriously and genuinely want democracy in their countries. They want their human rights.

But if it’s not justified from our commander in chief, if he’s not able to explain to us why it is consistently that we would choose one country over another country to intervene, and when we’re looking at trillion dollar deficits from here until as far as I can see and $14 trillion debt, we have to be very very careful in the wars that we choose to engage in. And I do consider this a war. Unfortunately, it’s becoming a civil war in Libya that America, with NATO’s support, has chosen to intervene in. I just want to know why we’re there.

First, we’re only to get involved if we’re in it to win it and to win it in Libya is, as the President first said, Gaddafi is ousted. That means we’ve gotta get in there and we’ve got to hit hard and we do have to oust Gaddafi and then we make sure the Libyan people aren’t taken over by terrorists, that the government isn’t going to be worse than what they just suffered from. That criteria right there should be the foundation is if we’re going to be intervening, we need to be committed to win it and to assist these. But, you know, here’s another thing Greta. We cannot be the world’s ATM and I wouldn’t want to be the world’s babysitter. We have to make sure that we’re choosing wisely-especially in this day and age of America’s debt and the road to bankruptcy we’re on-we have to be so extremely careful in where it is that we choose to intervene. That’s why I go back to rationale for Libya. Please Mr. President, just be clear with us. Why Libya, why not elsewhere?

Here’s what she said about the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko:

Palin: Well Greta, he wrapped up a week last week on the campaign trail trying to raise his billion dollars that he’s promised he’s going to need and spend in order for his re-election bid, which is nineteen months away. And he spent the week in that mode instead of dealing with the challenges facing America.

There need to be questions asked of him. What is he doing about gas prices or they’re going to hit five bucks a gallon here shortly? What are we doing about Libya? How are we going to explain our intervention there as we’re letting Syria suffer from this blood bath and Yemen, Egypt, and Israel civilians not being protected?

The inconsistencies in his befuddled and befuddling foreign policy, there need to be questions answered from him on what we’re doing militarily and economically. And instead, he spent the week on the campaign trail and I think it’s appalling. We can’t afford our commander in chief and our top CEO of our nation to be in that mode. Not at this time, not when there are so many woes that people are suffering from in America.

I’m sure he can multi-task. Other Presidents have also engaged in vocations, avocations and still done their job. But the job that the President is supposed to be doing is not only protecting us with strong national security policy but helping getting this economy back on the right track.

This needs to be first and foremost his job and instead, the perception that he is giving Americans is that he almost can’t be bothered with some of the issues that are facing the rest of us as we’re looking for answers from the White House. And if he’s not willing, Greta, to engage in some of these tough issues that have to be addressed, then it’s all the more reason for Government to just step aside.

Get out of the private sector’s way. Don’t monetize debt. Don’t engage in more quantitative easing. Don’t look at more bailouts and more stimulus-type funding and more deficit spending. Just get out of the way and let the private sector start growing and thriving and let the private sector get the economy back on the right track. We can’t afford to wait for the White House evidently to fix the problems for us.

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