Mediaite’s Frances Martel Says Palin Has Held Back Conservative Cause By Taking Over Tea Party

Right wing shock chick Frances Martel is obviously on the look out for a gig at the Daily Caller because she just penned one of the most brown nosing job applications I have ever seen in her recent Palin hit piece at Mediaite.

It ostensibly centred around Palin’s response to a Daily Caller round up of criticism from the right of her governor’s signature on a bipartisan law granting tax credits to media companies wanting to work in Alaska. The DC made much of some rather sniffy comments from Jim Geraghty at NRO about subsidies etc (rather rich coming from Mr Tax Deductible himself, as Dan Riehl pointed out in a classic debagging) and attached a statement from Palin defending her policy.

Palin felt the DC article had not been fairly structured so aired her views in a Facebook post which also referenced a rather degrading comment about her that DC boss Tucker Carlson had made on Twitter.

This was too much for Martel. As a Harvard girl she just felt so angry that some snowbilly mom from the sticks should have the audacity to criticise a rich guy who attended a top Rhode Island boarding school and graduated from one of the leading Little Ivies.

Didn’t Palin know, she trilled, that Tucker Carlson

spent the better part of a decade challenging liberal talking points in a pre-Fox News world…..spent five years face to face with James Carville promoting conservative principles on Crossfire and later hosting a show on MSNBC before landing at Fox News.

OMG that must have been tough – out there in the studio in front of the cameras taking the shots and nothing to show for it but a six figure salary….and while young Tucker was out there doing real hand to hand combat what was Palin doing for the conservative cause – apart from having babies?

Nothing much at all, except run a town then doing a little bitty piece of energy regulation and catching some GOP hands in the till then becoming governor of her state against the political establishment of both parties. How could that possibly compare with pontificating on the screen or in print?

Martel then makes her job pitch.

it’s probably best not to throw stones (at) a house with as strong a foundation among conservatives as Carlson’s.

Carlson, you see, is the future of conservatism because, as a media operative he can still “engage the opposition” whereas

Palin has crippled the misnamed “conservative” (more aptly defined as pro-freedom) right wing such that it is difficult to see the Republican Party win back the presidency for at least the next decade

And how did she do that? By infiltrating the Tea Party movement which Martel says was originally just a bunch of Ron Paul supporters with ideals totally alien to Palin . These innocents obviously had no idea that Palin’s sinister influence would have such a negative impact on the 2010 election.

But wait a minute…according to Martel Palin has no “communication skills” or “likability” so how was she able to take over the Tea Party?

Sorry, folks, if you’re looking for logic then Frances Martel is just not your girl. At Harvard she was called a wannabe Anne Coulter and alleged to be bubbling around some of the more questionable edges of the right. As for her reporting skills one hopes that the excuse of youth and exuberance might be offered to justify some fairly shoddy reporting.

Now normally most reasonable observers would agree that left liberal hopenchangey hack Joy Reid is a few centimes short of a franc when it comes to attempting to comment without bias but the bitchslap she gave to Martel over her Mediaite rehash of the alleged Obama/Vera Baker “affair” had the ring of truth about it. As Palin would say there is enough going wrong in America under Obama without having to resort to desperate measures involving certificates or alleged mistresses.

Martel got into trouble with some boxing fans when she appeared to imply that Manny Pacquiao was on steroids. Her shock chick tactics of dissing Sarah Palin’s conservative credentials appear to be a manifestation of “look at me I’m so cutting edge” vanity scribblings than solid, old fashioned shoeleather journalism.

Maybe Frances Martel should be tested for steroids….

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