President Obama Announces Reelection Bid

Guest Submission by: NaLa

           A Letter to The One from the Book of We The People

                           “Thou shall not punk us again”.

                                                       – The American People 11:6:2012

You will surely not find that in any version of the Bible but it is in the hearts of many American voters, especially now that President Obama has officially began his reelection campaign.

I prayed for Barack Obama on November 4, 2008, the day he won the presidential election. I prayed that he would be successful even though I did not vote for him. Hillary Clinton was my horse in the race but she lost the primary. I wasn’t at all fond of John McCain  but I voted for the Republican ticket only because of Sarah Palin. I had never heard of the Alaska governor until after she was picked by McCain as his running mate but she had an actual record that spoke volumes. Her principles and positions on issues were quite clear and one could actually gauge how she would think and act on many given situations. That was more than enough for me. But they lost, too. This is America where we respect the sanctity of votes. We move on and we wish the new president all the best.

Fast forward to 2011, 47.6% of Americans disapprove of his job performance, only 25% of likely voters think the country is heading in the right direction.The President has not turned out to be the saviour that the media portayed him to be. Does this mean God does not listen to human prayers anymore? On the contrary. I believe God knows exactly what He’s doing. THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY HAD TO HAPPEN.

Americans have to wake up, in their own time and own terms, to the changes in our country’s character and  long-held values, not all of them for the better. When a student can get suspended for taking Tylenol at school but the same school administrators can arrange for an abortion for a pregnant student without informing her parents, that is not right. When the life of a tree or a 2-in fish is more important than a human life, that is not right.  When a president who opposes “dumb wars” orders the troops to Libya with no clear mission, no clear goal and no clear strategy, that is not right.When the union bosses have more say that the teachers and the students in schools, that is not right. When the strongest supporters and backers (unions, businesses, insurance companies) of Obamacare, whose constitutionality will very well be decided by the Supreme Court sooner than later,were issued waivers that exempt them from compliance, that is not right. When a government props up a struggling, private automaker with taxpayer money to manufacture a $40,000-electric car (Volt)  that Consumer Reports says “does not make a lot of sense”, that is not right.Our national debt is $14 trillion, 2010 deficit is about $1.3 trillion. We can’t spend money we do not have.

President Obama’s policies have provided the jolt to the public’s senses that things just aren’t going right. Americans are woken up!

President Obama’s team aims to spend around $1 billion for this campaign. A fresh wave of hope and change and excitement sweeps the nation. It’s not coming from The One this time around but from someone else who will soon step forward to take up the mantle of true leadership and restore America’s exceptionalism.Someone who has the common sense instinct, who lives by old-fashioned, time-tested conservative values and will abide by and defend the US Constitution. She is ready, willing and most able. It’ll be Morning in America again.

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